Friday, May 16, 2014

A Week Spent Nursing

     This has been a pretty typical week for us. Wednesday was library day, today is errand day, and every other day has been spent doing our normal daily chores and playing, singing, clapping and reading.
     We have now mastered the overhand throw, and just in time for beautiful weather, so we’re also spending a lot of time sitting outside and throwing the big yellow ball.
     We’re pretty much transitioned into one two-hour nap instead of two one-hour naps every day. I quickly finish up a few naptime chores and then I sit and read and write until the baby wakes up so that’s been pretty nice.
[Builder Goose, another favorite… popular nursery rhymes, construction-style! // nursing outside because, well, it’s our favorite place // Peppermint chocolate tea… so delicious!! // In our library’s mother’s lounge, reading Night Road by Kristin Hannah… such an emotional book! I think she’s a wonderful writer but this one was definitely really hard for me to get through! I couldn’t put it down, but I also felt really sad the whole time I was reading it]
*I used Amazon Affiliates links for these links. I’ll be using Affiliates links often here because eventually the some-odd cents I make from a “sale” adds up to be enough for a gallon of gas. Every penny counts, right?


  1. I still can't believe I haven't read Kristen Hannah book! I have a couple on my bookshelf and really need to read them. So glad it's getting warm enough that you can nurse outside!

    1. You'll love them! Jodi Picoult minus the criminal justice system. Which ones do you have?