Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Evolution of Date Nights

I have always felt it is extremely important to date your spouse. I sometimes do my hair and makeup at 4:45pm just to make sure I look nice when my husband gets home and he sometimes walks through the door with flowers or chocolates. We try to never stop impressing each other.

3D movie date, 2010
3D movie date in Prescott, Arizona
We used to have a date night every week. I even blogged about them and called them $20 Date Nights to show that frugal dates could still be fun dates. We drove out to the woods to eat pizza and watch a movie in the bed of our truck, got smoothies and walked around the farmer’s market, saw a free college play, used coupons to try some free fudge before walking around downtown… it was a different date each week and it was a blast.

Casper, Wyoming rodeo
Fast forward one year and a baby later… things are looking a little different. If you had told my one-year-ago self I would love these dates just as much, I’d have laughed at you. It’s true though. I wouldn’t trade a single second of this life for a fancy night out, and neither would my husband.

hot drinks and good conversation at All the Perks in Ogden, Utah
Now our dates are a lot more low-key. We don’t consider them dates if the baby is awake and participating (that’s just family time) so they all take place during naps or at bedtime. We usually take advantage of our Sunday afternoon naps (assuming the boy cooperates and naps after church) by chatting in a coffee shop, going for a walk with the snoozer in the stroller, etc. We tend to end most of our evenings reading side-by-side or curling up in bed to watch an episode or two of whatever show we’re into… but usually once or twice a week we have a little at-home date night and play video games or board games, pipe dream over dessert, plot out a new adventure, etc.

100_0020 (2)
drive-in movie theater while the baby slept soundly in his carseat
Our dates may not be what they once were, but we always make sure to make them special so they’re honestly just as fun to us! Do you have any at-home date ideas?


  1. We do a lot of board games at home for little dates--or else build a little campfire in our backyard and roast our dinner. I think I'll always love going out and just doing something outside of the house--going to a park or wherever, but dates at home are good too! :)

    1. Oooh, wish we had a yard! I love a good campfire dinner!

  2. We used to be like, 'Umm, I don't want to make anything for dinner, want to go on a date?' but quickly realized it wasn't a real date and we were just being lazy haha Now we have to plan it at least a day in advance! We like to pick a movie/show to watch, and only focus on that instead of phones/laptop etc, which I tend to do when we watch TV together. We like to play board games (and card games, especially Phase 10!), make dinner and eat in candle light, etc.

  3. And one of our favorite summer things is to drink a beer on the front or back porch and talk about our days! Not really a date, but just as fun.

  4. We would do the same thing, except we have some weird thing where we don't speak when we go out to eat. We talk until the food comes and then we're completely silent until we're done eating, so weird. So we prefer to eat at home now any ways ha ha.
    I like your summer evenings... I can even set up the baby monitor so we can go sit out on the patio together. Maybe we'll do that tonight! =]