Thursday, May 29, 2014

Get Outside

I’m a big baby about heat. 80 is so hot I start to feel sick and 75 is pushing it. I like sweatshirt weather the best, but I’ll settle for a tank top and capris.
Where we live, we’re just to that place where it’s a little too warm for my tastes during some afternoons but the weather is generally gorgeous. It’s sunny some days and cloudy or overcast (my pale skin’s favorite!) others, usually with a sprinkling of rain at some point during the day.
We’re outside as much as we can manage right now.
We roll the dinosaur truck around on our back patio after breakfast and I take my time watering our vegetable garden so we can prolong going back inside. We play in the grass for ten or 15 minutes between chores and lunchtime. We go see if our neighbors have let their puppy out (baby’s favorite) in the late afternoons before we start making dinner. We all eat together and walk over to some nearby swings and slide after Dad gets home for the evening. On days Dad is off work we just know we’re going to spend all of our time outside exploring and make sure to pack hats, sunscreen and a sack lunch.
I have noticed that I am my personal best version of Wife and Mom when I’m outside. There is nothing to feel impatient or rushed over. There’s nothing to get frustrated with or lose my temper over. I feel no anxiety or boredom. I’m in my element. I’m out living.
Although I’m working to translate this sense of calmness, peace and patience into my everyday life, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll probably always be just a little happier when we’re outside. It’s really hard to find the beauty of life when you’re scrubbing the toilet or wiping down baseboards or doing dishes (my most detested chore).
I’m working on myself and my character every day and there are a lot of areas I’m forever trying to improve. One of my biggest struggles is how quickly I get stressed out or overwhelmed. In social situations, when I feel a time crunch, when I’m overstimulated by the dryer buzzing and the intercom ringing and the baby crying all at once, when I take half of my pile of folded laundry into its respective bedroom only to come back and find that the baby knocked the rest over on his way out with me…
Sometimes I am faced with moments like these and my response is to stand on the back patio for two minutes and just breathe in the fresh air, to strap the baby in and go for a quick walk, or to blow bubbles in the grass while he releases a little energy chasing them around.
Kids or no kids, what helps you relieve stress during those silly days where everything tiny seems somehow huge? I used to always say writing. Although that still helps to a point, it actually makes it worse sometimes now if I try to do it with a whining baby underfoot. Instead I write for about 45 minutes at naptime and another 30 minutes to an hour at the end of the night too. In general though, moving around and being outside are what seem to be the key for me these days.

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  1. I put on my headphones and listen to my music. Some songs bring back memories of Ryan being little or some other nice memory of a certain time in my life. It makes me feel calmer but I'm still able to work, do housework, exercise or whatever.