Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tot Travels: Camp Verde, Arizona

We are all about travel and I am always interested in finding out what other people do when they travel with babies and small children. I thought I'd start sharing some of our adventures here too. Enjoy!

Last month we visited our families in Arizona. While we were there, we took a special day with just our parents and Ryan's sister to visit Out of Africa in Camp Verde.
I know there are other safari zoos like this out there, but this is the only one I've ever been to and I think it's just amazing.

The tiny baby zebra was so sweet!

The first part of the trip is spent on a bus which drives directly into the habit of some of the safer animals. We saw a lot of African, er, "deer" animals as well as zebras, giraffes, camels and an ostrich. The giraffes actually stick their heads inside the bus so you can feed them (my favorite!)
After that you're on your own to ride shuttles or walk along the zoo and see the other animals. There are a few shows here and there too. We caught a reptile show and all took turns petting a python... pretty fun stuff!

-There is food there, but it was mostly of the fair-food variety that isn't really friendly to gluten-free people. We all packed lunches, even those who weren't gluten free, and sat out in the hatch of my mother-in-law's SUV to eat (and nurse!)

-My mom picked up a cheap umbrella stroller for us and it was a huge lifesaver. There were little shuttles to take you around if needed, but you don't get to see everything that way and there is A LOT of walking involved if you want to see it all.

-HATS AND SUNSCREEN! I ended up changing the baby into pants later in the day too because I was worried his little legs were getting burnt.


  1. I keep meaning to take my 9 year old brother there, so now this encourages me to get on it!

    1. Have fun!! Be sure to check out the tiger splash show, so cool!