Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nursing Clothes

My friend Deanna is hosting a sprummer (spring-summer) fashion link-up on her blog right now so I thought this would be a good week to talk about nursing clothes.

I have never felt very comfortable with lifting my shirt up to nurse. I feel crooked and strange, and it seems like something always leaves a red mark on my ridiculously sensitive skin that way. Button-up shirts also don’t fit me very well so I am a big fan of clothes made specifically for breastfeeding.

The problem here is that I’m not willing to spend. While some of you might generously call me frugal, the truth is that I am CHEAP. I almost never get something new, but if I do, it’s almost always $5 or less… by which I mean that I almost only get items that are free after discounts and coupons.


(swimsuit cover-up I turned into a tunic by wearing with leggings and a black nursing tank top)

Target occasionally offers coupons for things like $10 off any woman’s shirt. I had one when I was pregnant that worked for clearance items (assuming they don’t ALL work for clearance items, not sure) and my mother-in-law often sends me her $10 Kohl’s cash so I was also able to get quite a few basics that way. I got maternity leggings, a nursing bra, and two cute shirts for free from their clearance racks.

I also thrifted quite a few items. We lived in Ogden, Utah when the baby was born. It’s about a half-hour drive from Salt Lake City and maybe 15 minutes away from the most wonderful store in all the land: Honey Bump Maternity in Layton, Utah. Honey Bump is a second-hand store specifically catering to maternity and nursing clothes. She carries designer clothes, Target and Old Navy clothes, and everything in between. The best part of all, though, is her $1 rack! I was so thrilled to find two colors in a great shirt and another color in a similar style there. I snatched them all up for a total of $3. I also got a dress there, as well as a few from Savers.


(A really random photo, I know, but a great shot of my favorite (not cheap) dress)

In general, I recommend buying used. Maternity clothes are so expensive and you won’t wear them for THAT long. By the end of my pregnancy I realized that a lot of the dresses I was picking up weren’t nursing-friendly and that that would be a problem. I don’t like the way pants feel and almost exclusively wear dresses. I definitely wasn’t interested in lifting my dress up over my head to nurse so I wised-up and started getting nursing-friendly options so I wouldn’t have to re-buy when the baby came.

There are two big exceptions in my wardrobe and both came from an Etsy shop, which always makes me happy. I have a cute red sundress (pictured above) I wear a little too often and a super comfy racer back tunic I like for days I’m out being active. They’re cute, comfortable, great quality, and I know came from a small business rather than a big box store. They are both from Modern Mummy Maternity. I think the prices are pretty common of maternity/nursing items, but they also charge no shipping so that’s a big win for me. I bought my dress with tax return money and the shirt was a birthday present. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to spend a little more, but otherwise I recommend used. =]


I also used to like to do clothing exchange parties with friends every now and then. I’ve thought about that a few times and how that might be a good idea to do among fellow moms. Sometimes I want a new outfit for a certain event (or even just to spice up my wardrobe) but I don’t want to spend. That would definitely do the trick.


  1. Wow, I never really thought about my clothes and nursing! You are super cute, and its really cool that you turned a swimsuit top into a nursing dress!

    1. Why thank you! It was too comfy not to! =]

  2. Finding nursing-appropriate clothing was such a challenge for me, because I didn't like to pull up, either. Eventually, I started wearing a nursing tank underneath everything and it changed my life. :)

    Thanks for linking up today- your red dress with striped tank and polka dot tank are both super cute and your what to wear tips are awesome!

  3. What great tips for nursing moms. Even after three kids, I still sometimes felt awkward lifting my shirt to nurse.

  4. oh...the perils of modest nursing. i like your idea of a swim coverup.

  5. Nursing outfits are so restricting, right? You're looking great though! Love that Polka dot shirt!

  6. That spotty tunic is super-cute!

  7. You're telling me you don't want to have baby just crawl up your dress to get to The Boob?! Craziness. :P That dress is REALLY cute and flattering on you, I love it!