Monday, June 30, 2014

Pregnancy & Parenthood Book Favorites

I am one of those people who likes to soak up knowledge. I like fiction books but I love non-fiction books. Whether I’m reading about nutrition or finances, traveling or parenthood, I just love learning. Sometimes I am hammering in a point I already practiced, sometimes I have no interest in applying whatever it is I’m learning about to my lifestyle, and other times I find something I want to implement in my life right away.
I found myself reading a lot of pregnancy and parenthood books during my first pregnancy. Some were humorous and some were informational, some were on the details of pregnancy and some were memoirs about the joys and occasional frustrations of life with a newborn.
When my cousin recently announced her pregnancy, it got me feeling very excited and nostalgic at once. Since she’s also an avid reader I thought I’d make a list of my favorite pregnancy and parenthood books up through recently… and then I decided I’d share them here too. Enjoy!
Eight months pregnant... I remember thinking my belly looked tiny at the time!
What to Expect When You’re Expecting: I really loved this book and found it to be so incredibly helpful. Even if you’re not the type to sit down and read it each week (I was… I think it’s so exciting to sit down on the same day each week and read the little blurb about your baby for the week) it’s definitely really nice to be able to look up your strange and random pregnancy symptom in the back of the book because not everyone is the same! I remember asking my mom if she’d ever had some symptom with my brother or I and she hadn’t… and neither had another cousin who had had three children before me. Just before I started to freak out, I looked it up and determined that it (and I) was normal. I also really love What to Expect: The First Year and What to Expect: The Second Year.
How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: My favorite, favorite parenting book ever. It’s not really a parenting book so much as a glimpse at the way different aspects of parenting are looked at in other cultures. Although there were a few things that really piqued my interested and which we decided to implement in our home, in general it was just a beautiful reminder that everything after love and care are just details, and that as long as you’re doing what you genuinely believe is best for your child you are doing the right thing.
Parenting Without Borders: This is pretty similar to the book above. I loved it and couldn’t get enough so I searched and searched online and came up with this one. I really liked it too, and if you know of any other similar books please let me know!
The No-Cry Sleep Solution: First I’d like to say that if there is one single thing I’ve learned during this first 14 months, it’s that sleep is tough. Whether your baby cries it out or nurses to sleep or lies in your bed with you, they’re going to fight sleep and their sleep routines will change with the drop of a hat. That said, this book really helped me fix a lot of bad habits I was creating and helped us get that much closer to great sleep. We’re still working on  being able to say “Go to bed” and having him say “Sure thing!” before jumping into bed and sleeping until 8:10am (ten minutes for hitting snooze, am I right?) but we’re a whole lot closer to the sleep setup we dream of.
Babyhood: If I’m being completely honest, I have no idea who Paul Reiser is. Even still, I thought this one was cute and funny. I like reading about pregnancy/parenthood from a man’s perspective once in a while since I almost always hear or read about it from a woman’s.
Chicken Soup for the New Mom’s Soul: I’m a big fan of Chicken Soup books any ways since they always seem to inspire and uplift… but this one was especially touching. Maybe a lot of it was the postpartum hormones but it made me tear up so many times! There are actually two of these and I really enjoyed them both. Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother’s Soul was also a favorite.
Babyproofing Your Marriage: Although I liked the premise of this book since I was concerned our relationship would be damaged postbaby, I do think it ended up making me a little more nervous about it all in the end. For anyone who is as concerned as I was, I’ll just say that in my personal case, my marriage actually feels stronger now. Figuring out the challenge of dating each other around the baby, being able to bond over such an amazing event and life change together, and becoming the family unit we dreamed about, is pretty amazing.
Loving the Little Years and Fit to Burst: Nice perspective, especially for women with multiple children.
Brain Rules for Baby: I thought it was really exciting to learn so much about the neurology and social science behind baby development… and it was an easy read, not textbook-like
Unbuttoned: I had a lot of problems when I first started nursing. I desperately wanted to make it work but I also felt a little bit like giving up sometimes. In the end I thankfully had help from a great lactation consultant and got it all figured out, but I do wish I’d read this book early on so I felt less afraid of the initial struggles.
Diary of a Mad Mom-to-Be: Fiction, pretty cute. I’ve always liked diary-style novels so I flew through this one.
Any favorites you’d recommend I check out next time around?
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