Sunday, June 22, 2014


Good morning!
I am taking a little break from our nursing adventures this week because, well, I didn't take a single photo. I want to re-think that idea a little any ways, so I'll be back with that soon, except better.

When I was pregnant with the boy, I started to worry about our marriage. I was afraid everything was going to change so much it would be completely unrecognizable. I wanted to savor the last little bit of time we had together as just a husband and wife, so I started to make bucket lists. One for each season, all the important things we had to get done while there was still time.
Fast forward to today, and I feel really great about my marriage. We just celebrated our fourth anniversary Thursday and I couldn't help but laugh (and of course tear up) thinking about what a great adventure it has been so far and how much BETTER it feels now that we're parents.
I'm making another bucket list, but this one is for our whole FAMILY... and that's a beautiful thing too!


I’m very excited for all the fun stuff we already have planned this summer and can’t wait to see what else pops up!

We are curious to see how the little guy does in a lifejacket and a paddleboat. We might actually be exploring two new states, assuming all goes well, and we’ve been wanting to take a train trip together for so long! I’m trying my hand at a DIY mosquito repellent soon thanks to a DEET article I recently read, we’re already almost a quarter of the way through with our summer reading program goals, and we’re trying to figure out a good campout with the cousins. We love the awesome communication sign language has given us so I’d like to add “swim,” “trees,” and “swings” to our repertoire if nothing else. We have a really nice pool in these apartments I’d like to take advantage of more, I’ve got some great memories of ice cream making on my grandparents’ porch I’d like to re-create (suggestions on making ice cream without an ice cream maker?), and I see water tables all the time but don’t want to pay the price for one. We already have plans to see quite a few extended family members this summer and I always love a good farmer’s market but haven’t seen the one in our own town yet!

What’s on your list for the summer? What did you love most during your childhood summers? I loved a lot of things about summer but I think my favorite parts were the reading programs and the hours spent playing in my grandparents’ pool.


(Baby me, swimming and lounging with my mom and aunts)


  1. Such good plans! You'll have to blog about making the water table - I caved and just bought one at Costco.

  2. Homemade ice cream without a maker: You can use any type of 'milk'!

    Summer was always full of reading for me, so I definitely plan to continue reading a whole bunch! Also a lot of road trips to visit family, which I also plan on doing.

    I'm excited to see how the water table turns out, it sounds awesome!