Monday, July 14, 2014

Husband Coupons

I made my mom some birthday coupons a long time ago. They were coupons for things she already got from me all the time, like a free hug, coupons for things she enforced all the time any ways, like a chance to make me clean my room, and coupons for things she would never in right mind want her child to do, like standing outside and washing her car in the driveway in January.

We try really hard not to be materialistic around here, or to buy gifts just for sake of buying gifts, but we still like to do something nice for each other at the holidays any ways.

Two Christmases ago we had just moved and were really scraping by, trying to get caught up. I traded in a few of my books at the used bookstore to get Ryan a book or a DVD or something, and I took $10 or so to fill up his stocking with candy and random $1 items I knew he would use, but otherwise our Christmas was looking a little sad.


I’ve learned a lot since the days of my poor mom’s birthday and now I make good coupons. Ryan loved them so much that we actually made some nice laminated cards and we use dry-erase markers for them. We re-fill the empty cards on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, our anniversary, mother’s and father’s day, and Christmas. We really look forward to them. They’ve very quickly become the most meaningful gifts we give or receive. Sometimes they actually make us really appreciative of the other person and the things they do on a daily basis… like when I took the trash out (normally Ryan’s chore) in -12 temperatures, or when Ryan tackled an entire 24 hours of diaper duty for Mother’s Day.


I thought I’d share some of our favorites, just in case you’ve ever wanted to make coupons work but have trouble coming up with good ones

HUSBAND COUPONS: Wife, clean out this Jeep! // One huge bite of wife’s dinner // one huge bite of wife’s dessert // stay up late playing video games, wife-nag free! // I’m not eating that. // Wife, YOU take out the trash! // Take the baby and let me sleep in! // Take the baby and give me the house to myself! // One night sleeping in YOUR OWN bed on our next hotel stay

WIFE COUPONS: Get out of diaper duty // foot rub // Husband, go buy me some dessert! // Two free hours of relaxation // Husband, YOU cook dinner! // One uninterrupted hour of Internet use // back massage // one extra turn picking the NetFlix DVD // Sleep in card // You pick what I wear today // Watch a girly show/movie with me

We try to repeat favorites and still think of some new ones here and there too. Maybe you can help me come up with some new ones…

What would be the best coupon your spouse could give you? Ryan likes any that involve sleeping in. While a full day’s hiatus from diapers was admittedly pretty amazing (as was that foot rub), I think my favorite so far was the one where Ryan had to make dinner. He made me a nice big bowl red pepper & tomato soup (and even garnished it so it was pretty!) and a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich. I sat and read while he cooked ;]

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