Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I love you.

Yesterday something amazing and beautiful happened.

I wasn’t feeling well. I felt like I had been non-stop all day long, cleaning up a mess while the little guy was busy making another, answering the phone a millisecond before someone knocked on the door, spilling my drink and burning our lunch and tripping over my own feet. I just needed a minute, you know? I sat down on the couch and put my head into my hands for maybe five seconds when tiny footsteps got closer and closer and a little voice suddenly shouted in my face, “MOMMMM!!!”

I looked up at him feeling very inadequate and overwhelmed and whispered, “What?”

And he lifted his tiny little fist in the air and stuck out his thumb and index finger while attempting to stick out his pinky. I love you in sign language.

My 14-month-old told me he loves me.

I got off the couch and knelt down beside him and hugged him. Tears spilled out of my eyes as I said “Thank you, baby. I love you too. SO MUCH!”

He smiled my favorite kind of smile, the kind that wrinkles his nose and brings out crow’s feet, and asked to dance to his music.

The rest of the day was cake. Every single thing I did, I was doing for someone I love and who definitely and without a doubt loves me back.

Later that evening, Daddy came home from work. I told Ryan about that wonderful moment and he just had to see it for himself.

“Hi buddy,” he said. “I love you!” He signed it as he said.

Our boy smiled that extra-bright smile he reserves for Daddy and signed it right back.

He loves us. Even though we’ve known that for so long, it’s different now. It’s not just implied. It’s a factual statement. I love you.

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