Sunday, July 6, 2014


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Our new favorite lunch... spinach & cheese garlic bread toasts, carrots, fruit, and trail mix for Mama // The book I read when we nurse these days // snuggling up at nap time // so many gorgeous park days lately!
NURSING: Lately we’ve been nursing a whole lot less. There are things to be explored and climbed on, foods to be eaten, songs to be danced to. My little guy lazily nurses when he wakes up every morning. He follows that up with breakfast, playing, a small snack, more playing, and maybe a little bit at nap time. He wakes up and wants a small snack, plays, eats dinner with us, plays, and always nurses again before he brushes his teeth and goes to bed. In the mornings, he wakes me up by climbing into our bed and touching my face (and putting his finger into my ear, squeeling at me, smacking my arm, etc.) until I open my eyes and look at him. Then he squeezes his fist, the sign for milk, and nods his head like “Yep, that’s right, it’s that time again.”

NAPS: I love the way naps change to fit baby’s needs. I think it’s all just so incredibly awesome. Our bodies know what to do to take care of us during pregnancy. Our babies’ bodies know to take a breath when they cease to live inside us and move into the air. Our milk supply system is self-regulating. Babies adjust their nap schedules as they grow. We are now enjoying a split schedule. If I dare to run an errand in the morning, he naps from 10am-10:45 or 11am, and then again from 2:30 or 3 to 4 or 4:30 (and takes a thousand years to fall asleep at night). If we’re at home, which we are most days, he naps around 12 or 12:30 and stays asleep until 2:30-3:30. I finish a few chores and I relax. Naptime is my time to read or write, work on a project, watch a show, etc. Lately I’ve been writing, working on a knitting project, or reading Change of Heart. (Not done yet but LOVE it so far)

NOSTALGIA: Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic for our last few months pre-baby. I always feel nervous saying that because I feel like people won’t understand and will think I’m longing for life before baby. I am definitely not. I love this little man so much! I love my husband like crazy too though, and I love our crazy, travel-loving, adventurous spirits. I love that we sold nearly everything we owned to move into a tiny travel trailer. I love that we took off on an adventure with only the very next step in mind. I love that we could pause a movie or put down a book and say, “I was thinking… you want to go to Montana this weekend?” And that we did. I love that we camped in bear and moose country, that we craned our necks to see the tops of the buildings in downtown Denver and sang country songs with my brother on our way to Mount Rushmore, that we scouted for animals in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, spied on the Cabela brothers’ family barbecue in Nebraska, all while working full-time jobs.
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I love that there are different seasons in a marriage. That was our newlywed season filled with travel and adventure and cooking experiments and binge-watching TV shows until 1am, of a date night each week and absolutely no idea where we might end up next. This is our baby season, full of snuggles and exploration, storybooks, giggles, sleepless nights, dreams for the future, discussions on what we think good parenting means for our own little family, “Don’t put that in your mouth!”, holding hands and admiring the little person we’re raising. We’ll have a school-age season and a teenage season, an our-baby’s-a-grown-up! season, an empty-nest season, a grandparent season… a great grandparent season? It’s really, really beautiful when you think about it.


  1. Those little fingers are killing me, ahh your little guy is adorable. (Such a cute little hat too!)
    This post made me really want to do what you guys did and live on the road for a while. Such cool memories you have from that time, and especially just as newlyweds. I also like how you said every season of life has it's positives and good times. That's really true and good to remember when you find yourself longing for a past time. I've found myself doing that recently while in college (how good I had it in high school when my life was so sheltered and I didn't have to worry about money/rent/growing up! ha) but now there are positives that I didn't have back then too so it's a good thing to remember. Thanks for the much needed life lesson Sara! haha :)

    1. Aw thanks Haylee! I think he's precious too, but I'm of course biased. =]
      It's funny because my cousin is starting her first semester of college in a few days and even though I complained my way through college, it's also when Ryan and I started dating and when I figured out so many important things about my life so I am a little nostalgic for that time too! I guess maybe it's just the nature of some of us, reflective little things! =]