Saturday, August 2, 2014


Yep, Baby Bell II!
I am 13 weeks today, due February 7th. We plan to be surprised by the gender, which we loved the first time around, and we never share our name choices.
The first few weeks were generally rough (fatigue, nausea, a general hatred of anything remotely edible) but a lot of that has passed now and I’m feeling that second trimester energy burst. I threw up throughout my entire pregnancy with Baby Bell I so I’m very happy to report that this time around I only threw up twice and my nausea has basically subsided now.
I do have sciatica already and I’ve definitely been having a lot of headaches and dizziness over the past few days but I’m actually counting myself pretty lucky so far this pregnancy.
My due date is sandwiched between a cousin’s and one of my best friends’ so that has been a lot of fun too. I think babies are one of life’s most beautiful blessings and we are just so happy and excited to get to experience it all over again.

In other news, I'm on the hunt for brown maternity tights or leggings... any tips?

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