Friday, August 15, 2014

Freezer Cooking Party in Lieu of Baby Shower

I never had a baby shower the first time around. I get a lot of social anxiety and I found myself feeling sick to my stomach when I imagined all those people, even dear family and friends, in one room… and even worse when I thought about having to open gifts in front of all those people.

If I could go back and do it all over again though, I’d have made more friends in the area and thrown myself a Freezer Cooking Party. I’m still hoping to make two or three good friends and be able to do that this time around.

Gifts would be completely unnecessary and even recommended against. Just bring your cutting board, please.

One person can chop onions, celery and bell peppers while another starts my banana bread. Another can start scooping meals into freezer-friendly containers while I start a different soup on each burner. An hour later we’ll call it a day and we’ll all sit and celebrate our hard work with hot chocolate, cupcakes, and a few “awwwwwwww”s over the tiny and precious going home outfits I’ve packed.


I personally think it’s a pretty brilliant idea. Weddings often get a slew of parties… engagement parties, bridal showers, lingerie parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners. Can’t babies get two parties? Even if a woman is planning to have a baby shower I think this is still a really great idea for at least a small group of her closest family/friends. Mama-to-be can put together a list of favorite freezer-friendly recipes and figure out what needs to be done for each item on the list. She and her guests can divvy up the chores to make everything go by quickly and then, ta-da, she’s got a healthy favorite on the table even though Junior was running through a marathon nursing session right before dinnertime. I definitely plan to throw one of these for pregnant friends in my future.

I really focused on freezer cooking during the last month of my pregnancy and we wound up being so incredibly thankful that I’d thought to do that. We had muffins, burger patties, turkey chili, lamb stew, sausage & peppers, breakfast scramble (just add eggs), seasoned taco meat, ground beef & sweet potato casserole, Brazilian cheese bread, broccoli soup, potato soup and zuppa filling our freezer. We had almost two months’ worth of food between those, frozen pizzas, and gift cards generously bestowed upon us by loved ones.

I’ve already started a working plan for this time around, even if it’s just me working on it all again. I won’t be making the food for quite some time now, but it still makes sense to me to keep my ideas in order so I’m not trying to wrack my brain for them when that time does finally come. What are some of your favorite easily-freezes meals?

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