Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hypotension & Random Babbling

I’ve tried typing this post up at least five different times but it always comes out sounding really whiney. I’m just going to say it and move on. I’ve been diagnosed with hypotension, which is just low blood pressure. I am extremely dizzy and always feel like I’m on the verge of passing out. For the most part, I just sit on the couch or on the back patio and read stories, throw the ball, roll a truck to the baby, etc. I have a few “good moments” each day but in general I just have to sit down a lot and I certainly can’t drive.

I’m out-and-about today (yesterday, since I’m scheduling this in advance… don’t need any creeps knowing I’m not home!) because Ryan was nice enough to pick us up on his lunch break and drop us off in a little shopping plaza. I’ve been wanting to go to a bookstore and a craft store, and this plaza has those AND a Motherhood Maternity & Toys R Us so that’s nice. It seems to be working out just fine so far, just have to stop to sit a lot and am therefor taking a lot longer than I normally do.

Some moments I just feel a little annoyed by it and other moments I feel really sorry for myself… but I’m trying to just stay positive. Aside from that though, everything is good. Ryan is really liking his new job, we’re all liking the new house (especially the backyard!) and we’re generally very happy to have moved here.


Today (yesterday) I am hoping to find a frame for a photo project I’m working on and to pick up a good book of beginner sewing projects from the used bookstore. I have still yet to master my sewing machine and I think the problem is that I’m trying to start too big. We’re also hoping we can find someone from church who is willing to come here and give me lessons on my own machine… that helps Ryan out with not having to drive me around so much and it helps me out since it’ll be on my own machine and I can schedule their visit during naptime!

Tomorrow we’re trying out a new church, I’m hoping to get an appointment with a good doctor some time this week, and then the next weekend is Ryan’s big three-day weekend. I’m going a little stir-crazy and we’ve been wanting to explore so I think we’re just going to go ahead and do it any ways. I told Ryan he should just rent me a wheelchair and push us all around a mountain or somewhere exciting. His silence told me this was perhaps not his favorite of my ideas.


  1. Sorry to hear about the hypotension, I imagine that's really tough with a little one :(

    You may've told me over email, but what state are you guys in now? Still MN or elsewhere? Love the green :)

    1. Thank you! In all honesty, it's only really tough because of the little one... otherwise I'd just be hangin' out ;]
      I am keeping that a secret in the online world so I'll e-mail you about it!