Friday, August 29, 2014


Scenes from last weekend: Hashing out weekend goals over gluten free pancakes // Found a sewing table at a local thrift store // Picking up wood for Ryan's current woodworking project // Loom knitting in the grass // Picked out shorts to wear but temperatures got mighty chilly // Hat, complete
Not pictured: McDonald's hashbrowns after breakfast at home, attempt at a family movie night with Veggie Tales' Lord of the Beans (mostly successful), Pregnant Wife falls asleep early on at-home date night =/

NURSING: Lately we’ve been nursing a little more again. Still every morning upon waking and every night around bedtime, but usually two other times throughout the day too. I haven’t had much cramping with it here lately, maybe occasionally and very mildly, but I have definitely noticed myself more physically sensitive during nursing and I often have to ask, “Can you stop for just a second and try again? That’s kind of hurting mama.” I am still slowly making my way through Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth during some nursing sessions but for some reason this book is hard for me to read in large chunks… so I’m also reading one of our 5-Minute Bible Stories each day and sometimes I’ll read something in one of my (or the library’s) sewing books. I read out loud when it’s appropriate so my kids should probably grow up to be sewing machine wizards.
NAPS: Naps have actually been getting quite a bit better here lately. (Which means they are only a huge pain in my neck instead of a MASSIVE pain in my neck). We’re at a place where I can nurse him after lunch, read him a story while we rock in the chair, and then lie down with him while he whines himself to sleep. He loathes naptime and gets really cranky beforehand because he knows it’s coming, but he does eventually go down and I am then free to do what I do. Lately I’ve been working a lot on my writing projects and on some sewing projects I’ll share at the end of the month.
NOSTALGIA: Feeling very reflective about the end of summer. It seems like most of us place a lot of worth in our childhood summers. Mostly because school was out, I know, but summers just seem like a really magical part of childhood and our little boy is about to have finished his second. This time last summer, he was a little noodle we carried around everywhere. He rode in the carrier on our chests while we hiked or camped or checked out a parade. This summer, he’s been a part of it. He started the summer walking and ended it running around in the grass and the woods, picking up sticks and rocks to thoroughly examine, splashing around. Next summer he’ll be telling us what he wants to do and where he wants to go. I can imagine it, but I can’t. Even stranger is to try to imagine 15 summers from now, when he’s asking if he can bring his girlfriend on whatever family adventure we’ve got in mind, or when he can’t go to this-or-that because he’s working so he can afford this-or-that for his car… all so surreal.

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  1. I don't think naps ever get better! Mine is almost 3 and he gets up to go to the bathroom, get a drink, have me scratch his back, at least 10 times! Then I can hear him in there playing with toys and talking to himself for so long lol. He finally falls asleep after like an hour and then wakes up again 20 minutes later!

    1. Sadly, that seems to be the general consensus... poor little ones, don't realize how much they need those naps!