Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Random Babbling + Old Wives Tale Gender Predictions

Last week I tried out a prenatal aqua aerobics class in our town. I loved it! I always love aqua aerobics but it was definitely nice to not be the only woman there with a weird little belly popping up out of the water occasionally. I’m also hoping to make some nice pregnant friends there who eventually become playdate friends. I have a picture of my perfect mom friend in my head. I just know she will materialize one of these days.

I was excited to eventually be able to sew my own clothes. I guess I have a weird figure or something because I never fit right into anything I find in stores.
See what I mean? Figure = NOT flattered.

I have really been looking forward to making clothes specifically for my body that make me look and feel good… but then I found all kinds of books and tutorials on making baby or kid clothes and now that’s all I care about! My due date falls between my cousin’s and a good friend’s. My cousin has already learned that she is having a boy so even if my friend and I were to both have girls, I still know baby boy clothes would have some use. And if we all three end up having boys? Well, someone will eventually have a girl! I always picture my brother having three or four daughters and ending up in a sea of Barbies and stuffed Ewok dolls (made by me, of course) because every little girl likes the third Star Wars for those adorable ewoks.

I love old wives’ tale gender predictions. They’re almost never based in accuracy but they’re still fun. I found all of these online…
Chinese gender predictor: girl
Clumsy/Graceful? Clumsy: boy
Dad eating for two too? Well. Maybe more like 1.5? Girl.
(Ryan suggested I edit this one  to say "Well. Maybe more like three?")
Smooth or rough morning sickness? Smooth, boy.
Wider nose? Nope, girl. (Last time it got WAY wider!)
Headaches? Majorly, boy.
First child’s first word mom or dad? Dada, boy.
That’s 3/7 for girl, 4/7 for boy, 0/7 for scientific/reasonable.
Ryan has been almost certain this whole time that we’re having another little man. Ryan’s dad is absolutely certain it’s a little lady, and I have been absolutely certain about both genders at various points in this pregnancy so far. For the past two weeks or so though, I have had NO guess at all!
Do you have a prediction for this little one’s gender? Do you have any favorite gender prediction methods?

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