Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tot Travels: Minneapolis, MN

Tot Travels
Ryan has some family in Minneapolis, which was less than two hours away from our old town, so we found ourselves there several times during the six months we lived in Minnesota.
We stayed at the Microtel Inn by the airport (and also Mall of America) once and liked it enough that we just kept staying there when we went back.
We saw and did a lot there, but these were our favorites:
The children’s section of their library was huge and offered so many fun things for our little guy to play with and the sculpture park was really fun to walk around after church on Easter.
The children’s museum was really awesome and the kiddo and I both loved it. Ryan hated it because his hatred for all indoor children’s areas runs deep. In his defense, we all three get sick almost every time we go enjoy something like this. That time was no exception.
We of coursed explored the Mall of America a few times and we went to the Sea Life Aquarium inside with Ryan’s cousins to celebrate baby’s first birthday. The cousins were 3 and 5 and had a blast but our one-year-old had a surprisingly awesome time himself. Ryan and I always like aquariums, especially the jelly fish sections, and we were both impressed with this one.
We ate breakfast at French Meadow Bakery one morning and had an amazing lunch at Wild Fire one day. French Meadow Bakery was delicious, but pure corn, so I didn’t feel very good for most of the day after eating there. Wild Fire, though, was amazing. They have more gluten free options than we’ve ever seen in one place. We took far too much time to decide what to eat and always said we were going to go back for so many items (the stuffed burgers and the weekend breakfasts sounded especially amazing to us) but never did.
If you’re going to visit the Mall of America, you should definitely set aside an entire day for it. You won’t be able to go into every store but you will at least have time to walk the whole mall and go into the stores you’re most excited about. A lot of the stores are just department stores you’d see in any other mall. The exhibits and activities are the part to get excited about. We love walking through the Nickelodeon amusement park and seeing the huge creations at the Lego store, for example.

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