Saturday, September 27, 2014


We hit 20 weeks, the halfway point, September 20th.

We have both found it so incredibly shocking to see just how quickly this pregnancy is speeding by. I know it is mostly, if not exclusively, because of the toddler we’re already chasing around. Even still, it’s just so hard to believe!


20 weeks the first time, which took at least 38 weeks to arrive // 20 weeks the second time, can hardly believe it! (Also, I meant to wear that same dress but just completely forgot)

I also can’t believe how much of pregnancy I’ve already forgotten. I do remember being surprised by some of the things people would tell me during my first pregnancy, and having my doctor reassure me that they simply couldn’t remember certain things 20+ years later, but I never imagined how much I would forget in under two years.

I had forgotten all about the fatigue still sneaking its way into my day during the second trimester sometimes, about swollen feet/ankles, about the way certain kicks hurt a little bit or the way the baby sometimes lies in a position that hurts my hips/ribs. I had forgotten about how fun it is to lie awake with pregnancy insomnia and feel the tumbles and kicks that prove there is a baby in there, that all the discomfort and frustration is absolutely worth it.


20 week ultrasound

I hung our little ultrasound shots up on the refrigerator and I can’t stop walking by and smiling. My tiniest little miracle surrounded by pictures of his/her sweet big brother. The best is when my sweet little man asks to be held up to look at the pictures, then points at the ultrasound photo and signs baby before pointing to my tummy. Sometimes there is so much love and happiness in my heart that it seems impossible not to have physically burst.

Now that we’re halfway done, people have been sharing their gender theories a little more. Ryan and I have guessed boy this whole time. I had a few moments thinking girl, and a week or two feeling like I had no guess at all, but in general I’ve also been guessing boy. My brother has guessed boy too, but otherwise it seems most of our friends and family are voting girl.

I’ve shared the old wives’ tale reasoning a little bit, but now I thought I’d share another theory.

My grandma, my mother-in-law, and Ryan’s aunt all had hypotension issues while carrying girls. Ryan and I also noticed that these were all second or third pregnancies, pregnancies that happened while they were chasing a toddler (or two) around and probably slightly less able to focus on taking care of themselves, but in general thought that might mean something. Then I talked to someone recently who had hypotension while pregnant with both of her sons (her second and third pregnancies) but not with her daughter.

On that note, the hypotension is doing quite a bit better. I am still not a fan of the stairs but I go up and down them just fine now aside from first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning and the late afternoon/evening are my rough patches but I am otherwise fine all day almost every day. I tried all kinds of “cures” with little or no success and then one day things just started to feel a little better on their own, which I had hoped would happen. I’d love for it to go away completely, but I am just happy to have gotten to this point now!

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