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Last weekend in photos… Rotary cutting quilt squares for the kiddo // Exploring our town // exploring a new craft store and admiring this cool afghan loom // carseat nap // naptime date spent making travel plans at a Barnes & Noble // more Chicka Chicka Boom Boom than I can count!

NURSING: Lately we’ve been nursing so little! I had heard from a few people that sometimes nursing fades away during pregnancy even if you’re expecting it not to. It seems like this just might be the case for us too. Some mornings he wakes me up to ask for milk. Other mornings I wake up to find that he instead woke Daddy up and asked him to take him downstairs for breakfast. He still desperately wants to be nursed to sleep at naptime and occasionally tricks me into this by asking to nurse before lunch, but in general he skips his mid-day nursing session most days now too. He is still nursing at night, for about three to five minutes on each side, but he is often more interested in what Daddy is doing to get ready for bed, deciding what bedtime story he wants to read, playing with his hair, etc. As far as breastfeeding while pregnant… I did have the tiniest of cramps again a few nights ago but it was so minimal it’s almost not even worth mentioning. I am still more sensitive than I was before, but not so much so that I want or need to stop. Since my opportunities to read while nursing have become so limited, it really took me forever to finish reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and my Stephen King book… but I finally did! I always like (and am terrified by) Stephen King’s books. I really liked Ina May’s book too, and I feel a lot more confident about labor this time around now. I also just sped through and loved Grandmother’s Wisdom and have been reading The Happiest Toddler on the Block over the past few days. So far find it to be informative and interesting.

NAPS: Naps have been a nightmare again lately! He wants so badly to be nursed to sleep that he pretty much refuses to nap otherwise. Once or twice a week I go for a walk during naptime so I can get online while he is sleeping (blogging, bill pay, catching up on e-mails, etc.) and he typically falls asleep within ten minutes on our walks. He had been napping for two and a half to three hours but now he’s napping for about an hour or hour and a half instead. We’ve also started walking with our neighbor and her little boys one morning a week. The other day we left around 11 and he fell asleep! He slept for 15-20 minutes and then refused a nap the rest of the day… but he did sleep well that night. I’ve been flustered by this but I realized the other day that it was for selfish reasons. He does get a little cranky around dinnertime on some of his nap-skipping days, but in general he does fine and just tells us earlier than normal that he’s ready for bed. On those nights, he wiggles and babbles himself to sleep in ten minutes or less. Really, the reason it bothers me is that it’s a time I look forward to as “me time.” I think it’s important for all of us to be comfortable being by ourselves and to have hobbies or activities we enjoy outside of our children/spouses/families and friends… but at the same time, I enjoy spending time with my little man (who won’t be little forever!) much more than I enjoy naptime crafting/reading/writing. And besides, I still get to do these things some days and I can still do them most nights at bedtime if I want to.

NOSTALGIA: This may seem silly, but lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic about footie pajamas. He has always had pants-shirt pajamas too, but I’ve always been drawn to the footies. Some were soft and breezy pajamas and some were warm fleece ones, but almost every pair had the feet attached. They drove him crazy during his first few months because he liked to curl up in the fetal position and the legs never seemed to curl with him. Then he’d try to straighten his legs and would be stuck. They were fine for a while after that, then they were a nuisance as he tried to crawl around. The same thing would happen. He’d bring his knee in towards his tummy to move forward and the footie would lag behind. We quickly got into the habit of putting him in his pajamas only right before bed and changing him out of them right after he woke up. Now he walks into his bedroom with us and proudly picks out which pair he’ll wear. We help him get dressed instead of dressing him. Then he walks across the hallway to get ready for bed and my heart melts into a puddle at the sight and the sound of those footies padding across the carpet. He looks younger when he falls asleep wearing them. He feels so snuggly and warm that I can’t help but hug him a little longer and tighter on footie pajama nights. I know that someday he will be too old and too big for footies and that makes my heart catch in my throat! In some ways it just seems cruel and unfair that we don’t get to keep our babies as babies forever… but then I think about the fact that he’ll be wearing some printed pajama pant and playing a video game with his dad before bed, or asking us if so-and-so can come over tomorrow, or telling me all about the plot of whatever TV show or book he’s into. That sounds pretty exciting too.

If we’re being honest, I sometimes tire of always feeling this way… like I am on the verge of tears during every minute of every day because time is so precious and fleeting and I will never, ever get this moment back… let alone last month or last week or last year. I sometimes feel like I am just going to die because how can anyone live a full, entire life with all these conflicting feelings bubbling around inside them? I sometimes wish I wasn’t so introspective and that I spent more time thinking about TV shows or a new pair of shoes than I do about my own character development and my roles as a wife and a mother… but at the same time, I feel so much happiness that I don’t know I would feel if I didn’t think this (crazy) way.

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