Friday, September 19, 2014


Recent family adventure day// lots of snuggling up with a book as another molar comes down// the finished look on my (hopefully forever unfinished) travel board// forever stalking our neighbors’ dogs// a new loom knitting book I’m super excited about (socks for the baby, sweaters for both kids, slouchy beanie for me! And nothing for poor Ryan!)// and an idea about the kind of romper I’ve been wanting to make the little man… except that I wouldn’t do the zipper all the way down, the legs would snap close for easy diapering access, and I’d like it to have a hood. And also pockets. Too much?

A few sewing-related blog posts… How to Applique (I’ll be using applique soon to re-vamp our Christmas tree skirt), a sweet post about a memory quilt made of baby clothes, a kid-stuff sewing book I got from our library but loved so much I want to own, a sweet toy-sewing book I got for $3 at a local thrift store, and new sewing blogs I’m pouring over: Prudent Baby, Sew Much Ado.

We have a trip coming up to Spokane, Washington... so all these pictures are getting me excited!

Money Saving Mom is one of my favorite bloggers of all time. So many inspiring financial posts, but also lots of great marriage, parenting, DIY and character-building posts! I thought I’d share this recent post with 19 ways to encourage healthy eating in kids.

My favorite healthy eating blogger has written a cookbook! It’s somehow available at a great price and it is absolutely going on my Christmas list under the “Something I’ll Read” category this year.

On that note, have you heard of the Four Gift Rule? We tried it out the Christmas I was pregnant and liked it enough that we’ve adopted it as our family’s Christmas/birthday system. (For the kids… Ryan and I usually just get each other one birthday gift. We fill each other’s stockings at Christmas and get tree gifts after that if we have any money left over)

I am a really huge fan of DisneyNature’s movies. I’ve started to like documentaries more and more, but I specifically love theirs. We own the movie Bears (set in Alaska… gorgeous and we all three love it) which has a preview for Monkey Kingdom. It won’t be out until 2015 but I’m more excited about it than I should probably admit to.

A few years ago, we decided to go for our dreams and travel. We had no idea what kind of trailer to get but knew we couldn't afford one for a while... and then I found this great girl's cross-country trip in a 1973 Winnebago Brave. I thought, if she can do it, we can! I showed it to Ryan and the very next day he got on Craigslist to find that a 1973 Winnebago Brave had popped up. $500 later, that bad boy was ours!

Do you have anything fun to share? Your blog, a friend’s, a neat article or a pretty picture? 
*I used affiliate links for some of these links. I’ll be using affiliates links often here because eventually the some-odd cents I make from a “sale” adds up to be enough for a gallon of gas. Every penny counts, right?

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  1. i like the idea of the 4 gift rule about materialism and everything so i started to look into it and i found the 3 gift rule... follows the idea behind the 3 wisemen's gifts. i think it's impossible to keep christmas just about jesus these days so it's a nice way to remind us and our kids of it. they still get so many other gifts from friends and family though that i don't think it really works :(