Monday, September 15, 2014

Naptime Crafting

Naps have been a little sporadic here lately so naptime crafting has been even more sporadic. I talked about it the other day, but some days he takes a 30 minute nap at an odd time, other days an hour-long nap, and other days still a two and a half or three hour nap! He isn’t tired or cranky when he wakes up either, so I’m not going to force him to stay there just so I can do whatever I want to do. I’ve also had a few naptimes here lately where I felt so dizzy I just wanted to lie down and read so that obviously adds up to being very little actual crafting time!
I was working on a maternity jeans alteration (moving the comfy full-belly panel from a ripped pair into the annoying under-belly elastic of a good pair) and failed miserably. Maybe I’m just not ready for the stretchy elastic fabric of the full-belly panel. I’m taking a break from that and actually ended up buying another pair with a gift card! I also attempted to make the little man a warm fleece romper for the fall/winter but have decided to table that project until I have a pattern.

Grandparents’ Day bookmarks! None of this actually happened during naptime, but still… I picked up plain paper bookmarks last year. Every few days I’d give the baby one to color. When we were all done, I pointed at pictures of his grandparents/ great grandparents and had him pick which bookmark to give them. I printed wallets at Walgreens, trimmed them and glued them to the back. We walked out to a printing shop to have them laminated, then cut them out and added yarn to the top holes before sending them out. Once I pulled them all out to go get them laminated, he was ecstatic! He seemed so proud of his work and was really active in helping with each step of the process. He patiently waited for me to cut out and hand him a laminated version, collected the tiny circles the hole puncher made for the top holes to put in the trash, and picked out the yarn for each bookmark. He was so antsy waiting for me to stamp and address the envelopes and then smiled so wide when he put each envelope in the mailbox. It definitely made me want to figure out more arts and craft projects for him in the future!

T-shirt hats for newborns! I used this tutorial and was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick this project was. I had it over halfway done when the kiddo woke up so I finished it that night while Ryan was out doing homework. The next night I started and finished a second one within about 30 minutes. (I’m a newbie at knit materials so it probably takes even less time than that). I used a soft t-shirt I got doing a pregnancy walk. I liked the blue-ish, periwinkle-ish color since I think it’s pretty and gender neutral.

 Library bag... I made our own version of the same bag I made for my little cousin (changed the sizes but used the basic template from Sew Everything Workshop and using a random stash blue fabric and a Hungry Caterpillar fabric found online) and I am so excited for our next library trip now! I've already decided someone will run up and ask where I got my bag and when I tell her I made it myself she'll ask if we can be BFFs.

I had been working on a quilt for the little guy (and am definitely going to use this “cheater” method to finish it), had to take a break when it was time to go pick up a contrast fabric. I do plan to finish, but first I’m taking a break from the quilt to focus on a nap mat for an upcoming camping trip!


  1. Love the story about the bookmarks! So adorable.

    I'm definitely going to do the hat tutorial, SO awesome! I want one for myself as well, I love the light hats that aren't scratchy like regular knit hats!

    1. Ooh, that's such a good idea! I might have to make myself a soft knit hat too!