Monday, September 8, 2014

Second Trimester Nesting

Um. Is it considered nesting if you do it in the second trimester?

I’m pretty sure I’m nesting. I have been very interested in sewing baby clothes and household items (particularly nursery items) but I was chalking that up to my newfound mastery (ha!) of my sewing machine. I’ve also been pouring over housekeeping books and magazines, re-organizing things we just organized when we moved here a month ago, and asking Ryan to help me with many the DIY project. I’ve also been looking up recipes left and right and am currently excited to make these GF oatmeal raisin cookies (using maple syrup instead agave nectar, since agave nectar is allegedly considered unsafe for consumption during pregnancy)

I didn’t really think that much of any of those things on their own (I just got my sewing machine working! I’m stocking up on library material to make up for my inability to leave the house on my own! Everything was hastily organized and is now ready to find a better home! DIY projects are good for couples! I made that last one up!) but when I really look at it as a big picture, I’m pretty much obsessed with homemaking right now. Or, if I’m being realistic, nesting.

I always thought nesting was a third trimester thing. I did it at the end of the third trimester the first time around and it mostly involved one big deep clean, a bit of baby clothes laundry, and a whole lot of freezer cooking. This is different though. This is a large-scale thing which has kind of taken over my thoughts and my time! I am still spending plenty of time with my husband and son, of course, but I am otherwise just nesting.


Library-assisted nesting… Sewing Projects in an Afternoon// Hand Me-Ups // Home Sewn Nursery // Organic Housekeeping // Grandmother’s Wisdom // Tribulation Force on audiobook (the second book in the Left Behind series… and on audio book because I like to listen to them while I clean. The kiddo prefers music but it’s been forever since I’ve listened to one)

I’m not unhappy about it, just confused by it. I don’t remember feeling quite so consumed by it the first time around and I definitely didn’t experience it so early on so I’m not sure what to expect for the coming months!

Although I can get away with just sitting and not lying down now (aside from a bad spell the other day) this hypotension doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere. My midwife talked to me a bit about hydration, which wasn’t the problem, and then making sure I was consuming enough calories to sustain myself while pregnant and breastfeeding, but that wasn’t the problem either. It appears that hypotension is just a bummer symptom of this pregnancy. It does make it harder for me to get things done though, and it does take me a lot longer (as does already having a baby to look after) so part of me wonders if maybe my body just knows it needs to get me to this place earlier this time around.

That may be a silly assumption, but I do think our bodies are very good at telling us what we need if we’ll only listen to them. Right now, for example, my body is telling me to lie down and enjoy a chapter or two before naptime is over. I definitely intend to listen to it!

*I used affiliate links for some of these links. I’ll be using affiliates links often here because eventually the some-odd cents I make from a “sale” adds up to be enough for a gallon of gas. Every penny counts, right?


  1. I am so the opposite right now! Vince tries to clean up the living room and I'm like, 'Can you just sit down and watch TV with me please? We can clean later.' I'm sure he'll be ready when I'm over this phase!

  2. I have DEFINITELY been through that phase both times around!!