Monday, October 13, 2014

Germophobe: Sick of Being Sick!

Ryan and I have both noticed that the number of times we get sick in one year doubled when we got married and tripled when our son hit about four months. 

He’s not in school or daycare and I don’t work outside the home (or have my own vehicle for spending lots of time outside the home) so it pretty much all boils down to other kids and maybe Ryan’s co-workers. 

Ryan is a mechanic so he touches a lot of car door handles, steering wheels, turn signals, etc… but he also gets covered in dirt and grease so washes his hands pretty frequently. We’re pretty good about washing our son’s hands and he actually asks us in sign language for a hand-washing fairly often too… but all it takes is one little thing, you know? 

I had once heard that you can figure out where you got sick by counting back 48-72 hours before your first symptoms. I kid you not, 100% of the time we are able to pinpoint that “Oh, that was library day.” Or that we had visited a children’s museum, the mall softplay, another kid’s house, etc. Sometimes people aren’t even sick, I think it’s just that their germs aren’t our germs and our bodies get sick in the confusion. Maybe that was a stupid thing to type, but that’s why I’m not a doctor. And also because I majored in journalism instead of doctoring.

I always hated it when someone sat on my bed (aside from my parents/brother. I never minded when they did) and I don’t want someone touching my food, but otherwise I was never really much of a germophobe. Now that I have a child though, and have spent one too many nights wiping a nose at 3am and waking up to the sound of half-cough-half-cry, I am a major germophobe. 

When we went to a friend’s house recently for a playdate I found myself jumping every time my kid lifted a toy anywhere near his face. They had to cancel (due to illness, ha!) but were planning to come over to our house for a playdate recently too. I was excited to see my little guy’s first time sharing his toys, and I was happy to chat with a fellow toddler mom while our boys played, but I was also nervous. Not only do I get social anxiety, I also imagined her kids putting their mouths on my kid’s sippy cups and not noticing when he put the wrong one in his mouth/they took a sip out of his. The horror! 

Every SINGLE time I tell myself I’m being silly and I need to stop, we go play somewhere/with someone to make up for my silliness AND WE ALL GET SICK! 

Before having a child, we both tended to get a cold every fall/winter and I tended to come down with a bronchial infection around Christmas/New Year. Now we get those things along with multiple other colds/flus and we’ve also all gotten norovirus recently (from a children’s museum). We dodged a bullet with hand-foot-mouth disease when I decided I didn’t want to leave the baby in the church nursery during a mom’s meet-up where it spread like wildfire… but then, less than a month later, he got it from the library any ways! Ryan has Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disorder, so even though it’s an ailment that mostly only afflicts children he got to deal with that one too. My poor fellas. 

There wasn’t really any point to this post except to say that I am sick of being sick and that, well, I AM A GERMOPHOBE AND PROUD! Come on over, but please sit on the floor and bring your own cup/fork. Also, maybe bring a pillow so you can comfortably sit on the step outside of our house while we all chat. Don’t feel like you have to use the restroom elsewhere before you come though… because the gas station around the corner will gladly let you use theirs as long as you make a purchase first.


  1. I have no problem admitting to being a germaphobe. People have made fun of me for the amount of times I wash my hands, but it keeps me from being sick (for the most part). Ha! I remember when I worked in an office and people felt it was okay to SIT on my desk. I would clean it right away when they left, but cringe internally while they were in my presence. Germaphobes unite!

    1. Gross, the sitting on your desk, and so rude! I hate it when people sit on tables too.

  2. You know I'm a super germaphobe too so I can relate. I hate being sick and would worry so when my kids were sick. Hope you're all feeling better.

    1. We are feeling quite a bit better now, thanks! I just replied to your e-mail too. =]