Friday, October 17, 2014

Healthy Kid Food: Green Grilled Cheese

I think one of the best defenses in the battle against unhealthy kid food in this American society is to simply offer healthy choices. At the same time, limiting ourselves to salad for every meal is no way to foster a healthy relationship with food. So we aim for a place in the middle. Like most Americans, we like carbs and comfort food.

Green grilled cheese is one of my favorite healthy comfort foods which the husband and kiddo happen to love… and it’s one of the quickest and simplest dinners I make so now it’s become a family favorite.


This is really just a simple grilled cheese sandwich with pesto and spinach (or kale, or swiss chard, or whatever greens you have on-hand) in it. We use Udi’s gluten free bread, whatever greens I have at home, cheese for me and dairy-free cheese for my fellas. Ryan and I also like the extra kick of crushed red peppers on ours. I sometimes make pesto from scratch, but more often than not I just pick up a packet of Simply Organic pesto sauce mix when I see that it’s on sale.

It goes great paired with soup but it also holds up well as the main dish. We like to serve it with fries (or their healthier cousin, homemade sweet potato fries… especially if I season them with paprika) and plain applesauce with cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in.


See? The perfect healthy comfort food.

Aaaaand now I want a green grilled cheese for dinner. Again.


  1. We found a bunch of fancy grilled cheese recipes once - the best was broiled poblano with pico de gallo and monterey jack cheese. As soon as this kid is past her milk protein allergy we are making it.

    1. Oh my word, that sounds AMAZING! I know my kiddo wouldn't like that but I would!!