Thursday, October 9, 2014

Holding Hands

Last week we took a road trip to visit Spokane, Washington. It was our 15th state as a couple, and the toddler’s 9th! It’ll get it’s own post soon enough.
Something I noticed a lot on the trip was just how much hand-holding went on.
When we got out to stretch our legs along the way, we picked a park to picnic and play at. He held my hand as we walked from the parking lot to the picnic tables, then Daddy’s hand as we all walked over to a little duck pond.
When we checked out the Riverside State Park in Spokane, he reached up and held my hand. He was allowed to run around and play on the trail, even getting up ahead of us as long as we could see him, but instead he chose to walk by me and hold my hand.
A few times in the car he’d call out, “Mooooom!” and when I’d turn around he’d have his hand up, sticking over the top of the car seat, just looking to hold mine.
We all made our way down to the hotel breakfast area one morning and we headed back up to our room, I reached out and held Ryan’s hand. Our little guy turned around, spotted some hand-holding going on, and ran back over to us to reach his hands out and sneak his way into the middle. So we walked back to our room hand-in-hand-in-hand and I couldn’t stop smiling.
When I was little, I held my dad’s finger because his hand was too big to hold. I liked to cup hands with my mom instead of lace our fingers. Before we were even officially dating, Ryan and I once explored an abandoned house. It turned out to be inhabited by a homeless person and I remember feeling pride and dizzy infatuation along with adrenaline when he reached out and took my hand as we ran away from that house as fast as we could.
Someday this little guy won’t be little and he won’t want to hold my hand. He’ll find it awkward and embarrassing, and then he’ll eventually hold hands only with the girl who holds the most special place in his heart. That’s okay. That’s good. That’s life, and it’s one of the happiest and greatest parts of life. For now though, it is my hand and Ryan’s hand he most wants to hold.
It makes me feel pretty special.


  1. Aww! This is very sweet! Yes, there is something so precious about little hands reaching out for you. My heart swells every time my baby niece reaches for me or wraps her arms around me. :)

    1. Even random little ones reaching for your hand is just so sweet!