Sunday, October 19, 2014


Our beloved Boppy pillow sees far more action as a comfy little lounge chair than a nursing pillow these days // Current naptime reads: Tribulation Force (second in the Left Behind series) and Balancing it All by Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner from Full House!)... almost done with TF and love it, about halfway done with Balancing it All and really like it a lot // Nostalgia for my little Brother Bear!

NURSING: We’re pretty much done nursing, I think. He sometimes asks for it early in the mornings, but here lately he hasn’t been. He usually climbs into our bed around 6:30 and either tells us he’s ready for breakfast (using sign language) or brings a book to look at until Ryan’s alarm goes off a few minutes later. He doesn’t even ask at naptime these days, and bedtime is usually pretty light if he nurses at all. He nurses for anywhere from 3-30 seconds, and only one side, before he says he’s ready to brush his teeth. I always imagined I’d be sad to see nursing end. I’m sure I will be for a few days after it really officially ends (hormones and all, you know) but in general I don’t really care as much as I expected to. It’s actually on my mind very little and I’m often in the middle of something before I realize that, wow, it’s been almost 24 hours since he last nursed. I do have to admit that it’s strange, though, to know I’m about to start going backwards again. I’ve gotten to a place where I don’t even nurse twice a day some days, and never for more than a minute or two at a time. Ryan can take him on errands or to the park without me tagging along or making sure he’s filled up first. How odd to think that in just a few months I’ll once again be taking on 45-minute-long nursing sessions multiple times per day!
NAPS: My little boy is turning into a big boy! He had still been fighting naptime pretty hard, but suddenly he just goes with it. He finishes his lunch and I tell him to play for ten minutes so his food can settle… but he spends that whole time saying “Mooom!” and pointing at the stairs before laying his head on his shoulder, his sign for sleep. We get up the stairs and change his diaper, then he immediately runs over to pick out two naptime books… and often a third, which he hands me with a sheepish grin. I give in 100% of the time because I am a sucker for adorable sheepish grins. We lay down together and I read two (three) books. Afterwards, I pull out my book or Kindle and read next to him because he’ll get up and come find me if I get up… and in my forever exhausted pregnant state, I will fall asleep if I don’t distract myself. He sometimes babbles himself to sleep, sometimes asks me to sing… and then that’s it, he’s out. I do a little reading/writing/crafting, head downstairs to make Ryan’s lunch and spend a few minutes with him, and then finish up naptime with more reading/writing/crafting.
There were so many low points during this long (ha!) sleep journey where I felt like we’d never make it through and I could very easily see why crying-it-out is such a popular alternative in the U.S. I hope I’ll be able to remember with our next little one that with just about a year of patience on my part, (s)he too will get to this place.
NOSTALGIA: Lately I’ve been missing my brother like crazy. We went through phases growing up, like most siblings I know, where we were either best friends or mortal enemies. We fought, bickered and picked on each other, but we also stood by each other when push came to shove (when somebody else’s push came to shove… because our were, of course, always justified). When we weren’t fighting, we were making up strange and interesting games, curled up on the couch in our red and blue blankets watching Power Rangers, battling to the death on Nintendo64. We flew to Texas sans parents and navigated a scary airport with just each other and nice stewardesses, stood up to neighborhood bullies together, got into mischief together. He’s gone from a pesky little brother to a nice man I’m proud to be related to. He stood beside me on my wedding day (my mom calls him my “man of honor” but that is because she is bad at words and actually he was my MAID of honor and he knows it). Although I’m of course not looking forward to the fighting/bickering, I’m so excited to see my own children’s bond develop. They’ll be each other’s first best friends and that’s pretty awesome.
Other things I’ve been up to lately: searching for some good, morally sound TV shows besides 19 Kids and Counting and all the Alaska documentaries we always watch. Any ideas? Also getting old and obsessing over modesty, devouring apples with chocolate peanut butter or veggies dipped in Lay’s French Onion dip, window-shopping for the kiddo’s Christmas gifts.

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