Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I finally finished it! My first machine-sewn quilt. I was starting to seriously HATE that quilt, I think because I was sick of seeing the same three fabrics over and over again, but when the little guy tested it out at bedtime one night he looked so sweet and I was sold. He has had it on his bed every night since and really seems to like it. I already have plans to make "matching" quilts (you'll see, eventually!) for he and the new baby too.
I used green fleece I've had in my stash for quite some time from Bennigan Crafts in Ogden, Utah. The black fabric came from JoAnn's and the Moosehead Lodge fabric was so very generously sent to me by my great aunt just for quilting. I read up on tying a quilt here and I used this "cheater" method to bind, but I actually think I'll be binding the next ones normally.

I love this idea about changing the face of beauty and the way we teach our children to perceive it!

The little guy’s room, soon to be the kids’ room, is decorated in a forest theme. I absolutely love the idea of quickly sewing together some little bean bag “poof” chairs and making a little tree stump table like this one with Ryan’s help. I also love this gingerbread decorating party for kids and would probably host a gluten free version for my kids someday except that I am a newly proclaimed germophobe.

It wasn't very comfortable, but I recently wore the toddler in our Ergo carrier... and then I wondered if that was a safe choice while pregnant! It is, according to this and this.

Crafting links: What to buy and DIY for a new mom, sewing tips from my favorite sewing blogger, and a super cute gift idea… a cross-stitch family portrait!

My favorite healthy eating blog has come out with another round of my favorite feature, school lunch roundups! I love these for picnic lunches/roadtrip food ideas… and also I think the containers make it all look so aesthetically pleasing that we even bought some ourselves before they were discontinued! Making myself look further obsessed, we recently traveled somewhere with a bookstore/coffee shop and sat down to enjoy a gluten free treat right next to the cookbook section. Her new cookbook was staring me in the face so I opened it up and thumbed through it. I found SO MANY recipes I am excited about and I can’t wait to get my hands on it after Christmas!

For my travel lovers: 5 Ways to Save on Family Train Travel, and also a cool world map quilt. I wouldn't make this quilt (It turns out I'm a bigger fan of just sewing that I am of quilting) but if I did, I'd definitely put my own spin on it by embroidering stars on the places we'd been!

If you've got a little money to spare today, please consider donating to our Christmas cause (or saving it for Two Dollar Tuesday on 10/28!)... and also to this cause for a wonderful woman I used to know, who is suffering from serious brain cancer and is attempting to cure it the oh-so-expensive but natural way.

*I used affiliate links for some of these links. I’ll be using affiliates links often here because eventually the some-odd cents I make from a “sale” adds up to be enough for a gallon of gas. Every penny counts, right?


  1. I'm so sad they discontinued those containers! I'm down to my last one. :'( (The other three have just gotten too worn down over the last year and a half and cracked).

    I LOVE that world map quilt!

    1. I know, so disappointing! I'm sure something similar will come out eventually but for now I am bummed.