Saturday, October 11, 2014

Naptime Crafting

Naps these days… He doesn’t mind them at all if they’re in the carseat or stroller. He will eventually settle down and take a nap lying in bed, as long as I’m lying right beside him, but he fights it for a long time first. He alternates between being sad/mad and looking pitiful while asking to nurse. It makes me feel bad, and sometimes I’ll feel like maybe I’m just being selfish to make him nap in the first place… but considering that he’s fine with it in the carseat/stroller, and that his mood is always improved and he seems to be overall better in the afternoons if he’s had a nap, I think we’ll just stick with it. I have heard a million and one times that sleep is just forever an issue with little ones so I at least take comfort in knowing I am allegedly not alone.
1. I loom knit another towel topper for our kitchen. I was excited to have three of them done and be one away from finished with this project… but then the little guy pulled on something just right and unraveled one! So now I’m back to only having two complete. Yarn is old and from Hobby Lobby, towel is from Walmart a year or two ago.
2. Trick or Treat plate inspired by the Instagram account @DollarTreeCrafts and her sister’s plate. I got the plate at the Dollar Tree, orange paint at Walmart, had a black Sharpie on hand, and found the plate stand at Michael’s. I paid $1.50 total for the plate, less than $5 total after getting the plate stand too. The kiddo was a little confused as to why I painted his feet, pressed them to a plate, and then washed them right back off. He likes to see the finished product though, and sometimes points to it before pointing at his own feet which I think is pretty cute.
3. Photo book for the little man! I’ve been wanting to make him one any ways, but he is so interested in (and not-so-gentle with) our photo books that I decided it was time to just do it. I made it via Blurb, my favorite book-making site, and paid about $15 despite it’s wonderful yearbook-like quality thanks to a wonderful coupon code. I also have some affiliate codes to share with you if you’d like to make your own: 25% off of first purchases for new customers and 15% off on all printed products for returning customers

I’m also still hard at work on a quilt for the little man. I expected to be done by now and really should be, but illness took this house by a storm this week and getting my bearings back has proven mildly difficult. The baby is hardly napping since he keeps waking himself up coughing or being too congested to breathe through his nose. When he is sleeping I am torn between working on the projects/reading/writing I want to do and lying down myself… but we’re both doing quite a bit better now, I think recovering quickly, and I should have it completed within a few days!

*I used affiliate links for some of these links. I’ll be using affiliates links often here because eventually the some-odd cents I make from a “sale” adds up to be enough for a gallon of gas. Every penny counts, right?
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