Friday, October 3, 2014

Seven Little Randoms

I had a few things I felt like sharing, but nothing that really fit into a post of it’s own so I thought I’d throw together a few randoms.

1. Feeling nostalgic here lately about our earliest adventures together… this was after we hiked to the top of Mount Humphreys, the tallest peak in Arizona, in September 2008. I feel so grateful to have found my perfect match and soul mate. We have so many of the same interests (camping and all things outdoors, travel and adventure, eating too much junk food while binge-watching a TV show) and our views on all the most important things in life are always identical or very similar. I always get caught up thinking about the first day I ever met him, the early days of our actual relationship years later, our wedding and honeymoon, everything that has gotten us to this point today. We still have so many years ahead of us but I honestly feel like I will be the luckiest woman alive if they are even half as good.

2. Gleefully chasing all the birds at the petting zoo we found on a family adventure. I’m really hoping we can find something similar when we visit the pumpkin patch!

3. I’ve been stalking the new baby and big brother books at the library here lately. Our favorites so far have been the Mercer Mayer New Baby book I've had since I was little and the Barenstain Bears' New Baby book. Any recommendations?

4. Lazy lounge morning watching his puppy DVD… even though I always hear about how babies/toddlers shouldn’t be exposed to television (and generally, I agree… I think they should be playing, exploring outside, watching and learning from the tasks their parents complete, etc.) every once in a while he has a lazy period during his day and asks to watch something. At first I was always so hesitant because of all the studies I’ve read about… but then I decided that those are general guidelines based on children who do very little besides watching TV. Ryan and I both watched a lot of TV growing up and we’re (I think) pretty okay… and besides, don’t we all have those moments where we just want to curl up on the couch and get lost in a good book, zone out to a television show, close our eyes and listen to music? I guess, for me, it’s just another reminder that educating yourself is a very important thing but that most of the big decisions in parenting come from your own instincts.

5. The other night the kiddo was asleep and Ryan was doing homework so I spent a relaxing (minus the occasional crazy kick) evening with a face mask, a cup of Yogi’s Mother-to-be tea, and this great book. It’s essentially a midwife’s memoirs and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I love all things babies and birth. My one word of warning is that I’m not sure it’s a good book to read during the first pregnancy. She of course writes mostly about the sensational births, the ones that take place in the car on the way to the hospital, in the hospital elevator, in less than five hours, without any pain at all, etc. I love them this time around, but I do think a few of these stories would have scared me or tainted my view of the experience if I hadn’t gone through it myself yet.

6. Every day my kiddo reminds me to be happy about all the sweet little things… like a pretty rock found on our morning walk, a bird chirping by our window, an excuse to color a thank you note before dropping it into the mailbox

7. All of our sweet autumn books! Let It Fall, A Pumpkin Prayer, Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch. We’ve got all kinds of Halloween books all over the house too.

*I used affiliate links for some of these links. I’ll be using affiliates links often here because eventually the some-odd cents I make from a “sale” adds up to be enough for a gallon of gas. Every penny counts, right?

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  1. I worry about TV too, but as Rob pointed out, they can't actually do a study where they put (x) kids in front of a TV for hours and (x) kids outside. They have to go on data that already exists (i.e. parents filling out surveys and their children being tested), and the kids that are put in front of TVs for hours and hours likely have other issues in the home as well. I think that's true of a LOT of things with kids - I was just reading about the Ferber method of sleep training and the psychologist was saying that yes, crying for extended periods does cause issues, but it's more of a risk factor than a cause-effect relationship. Like babies that are left to cry for hours are probably neglected in other ways. Securely attached babies who cry for 20 minutes until their agonizing parents come in are probably going to be okay. I know that's a tangent but I just think the good parents need to cut themselves some slack! :)

    1. Sometimes I think a study explains that x MIGHT cause y but then Facebook takes over and it turns into a guarantee... so it's nice to hear things like that! Thank you =]