Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tot Travels: Fargo, North Dakota

Tot Travels
A few months ago, we celebrated our fourth anniversary with a quick trip to Fargo, North Dakota so we could cross our 14th state off the list.
(Don’t laugh… it beat a previous anniversary trip to Sidney, Nebraska!)
We stayed at the Red Roof Inn and liked it just fine. We relaxed in our room with some House Hunters: Alaska, swam in the pool, and checked out the town.
Ryan and I enjoyed a naptime arcade date at Thunder Road. We sipped smoothies while the kiddo ran around at their mall’s awesome soft playground, we all had fun at Red River Zoo, and we of course checked out their downtown area.
We tried out Smiling Moose Deli as a dinner out. We enjoyed it so much we actually went back for breakfast on the last day. (I apologize to all pregnant readers for these photos. Although I was in my first trimester when we ate here and loved the food, I am now so disgusted by these photos and hope to never see the Smiling Moose again) I also got to enjoy the most delicious gluten free cupcake from Bakeology, highly recommend!
Fargo is one of those places most people will probably only ever check out if they’re already driving through it, have relatives there, or already live nearby. We have found that places like Fargo are usually just as enjoyable to us as big cities or gorgeous mountain getaways because we plan ahead and make sure to find plenty to look forward to. It also helps us find online coupons for things like the zoo, free options and activities, and a gluten free restaurant we’re most excited to try.
Having a baby has certainly not made travel any less fun or exciting for us, but it has definitely changed the things we do for fun a little bit! We try to make sure we’re finding activities that will be fun for the whole family and sometimes cater specifically to him (like with the mall soft play & pet store) as a reward for being “so good and so patient” during an activity that was really more just for Mom and Dad or during a particularly long stretch on the road.

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