Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tot Travels: Twin Falls, Idaho

Tot Travels
We absolutely love to travel with our families. For us, it's the ultimate way to spend time together. We create memories together, we solidify a bond by exploring a new place together, and it makes it more fair in the areas of who-has-to-drive/fly and who-has-to-host-company.

We explored Colorado with my parents a few days after we found out I was pregnant the first time. We have camped with Ryan's dad, explored Cedar City, Utah with Ryan's mom and some of her family, enjoyed an amazing Camp Verde, AZ wildlife park with all of our parents, and we recently met up with his mom and sister again to check out Twin Falls, Idaho.

(Pardon the lack of photos... I left my camera in the hotel, didn't get any good photos, only got photos that had the baby's face in them, etc.)

Dried up Shoshone Falls// a little hotel naptime loom knitting while watching Alaska:The Last Frontier // lovely downtown walk // new shirt for sister-in-law // photobooth shots from the mall (the bottom right belly shot is my favorite!)

Ryan's mom had a bunch of travel points available through her credit card, which she generously used to get our hotel rooms at the lovely Hilton Garden Inn. The rooms were very nice and spacious. We all hung around the indoor pool a bit and actually got the place to ourselves.

We headed out to Shoshone Falls, "Niagra of the West" only to discover it had dried up! There was a smidge of waterfall going on though, and we were able to see some pretty cool canyons any ways. There was also a really nice grass park there (a perfect picnic spot!) so the little guy was happy to run around, pick up leaves and stretch his legs.

We accidentally left our food bag in the refrigerator at home so we ate out on this particular trip A LOT more than we normally do. We mostly ate at chain restaurants, but the baby and I also enjoyed a really delicious and healthy lunch at 4 Roots Juice Cafe. Everything there is gluten free. He had a PB & J with banana slices and I had a cup of tomato basil soup with a peanut butter-banana smoothie. We also all three shared a yummy paleo chocolate chip walnut cookie.

We were disappointed to find that the downtown area was almost completely closed on Sundays (especially because there were quite a few stores I was interested in checking out!) and this was a big bummer since we were on the hunt for an Idaho shirt for my sister-in-law. Between the stores being closed and a little impending rain, we decided to hit the mall.

We had fun in the photo booth, the little man had fun pushing the stroller through the mall, and after we had basically given up we actually managed to find an Idaho shirt (and a cool one, at that!) in Zumiez, the absolute last place I ever would have expected to find one.

Have you taken any fun trips recently?

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  1. My parents live in Kansas so we always visit them there or they visit us in South Dakota. It would be a lot more fun to meet somewhere exciting and I don't know why I never thought of it before!

    1. I'm actually a big fan of "flyover states" so I bet you can find all kinds of fun things in the middle or close to it! =]