Monday, October 27, 2014

Two Dollar Tuesday

I start almost every morning the same way. After we’re all awake and up, we head down the stairs for a family breakfast. It’s usually simple—oatmeal with fruit, scrambled eggs with toast—and we chat. Ryan and I talk about our dreams the night before, our plans for the day, what he’d like for dinner. Then he hurries back upstairs to brush his teeth, put on his uniform, etc. The baby finishes his breakfast and I read through the Mom’s Devotional Bible my mom gave me shortly after the kiddo was born. Sometimes we have music on and I read silently, other times the little man asks me to read out loud and I oblige.

Last Tuesday, just after I had announced our “Two Dollar Tuesday” plan, I read something I thought was too awesome not to share. The passage it recommended was 2Kings 4:1-7. In this passage, a woman’s husband has passed away and her debt is going to send her sons into slavery. She is told to collect empty jars from her neighbors and fill them with what very little oil she has, then to sell the jars and pay off that debt before living off the rest.

Here’s a few snippets of the devotional I really wanted to share:

“There’s not enough money. Or time. Or patience. When it comes down to it, there’s not enough of you. And for the single mom, it seems there’s even less. But take one glance at 2 Kings 4 and hope returns. God can provide. He can take what you have and make enough of it. In fact, he can turn it into abundance.”

“When there is not enough of you, there is always more of God. Take what you have left and offer it to him. Watch him make it enough, in abundance.”

How fitting and perfect… and perfect timing.

The woman in 2Kings 4 was not asking her neighbors for livestock. She was asking for the empty jars they weren’t using. I’m not asking for your paycheck. I’m asking for two dollars. Two of ‘em. The change in your cupholder or couch cushions, the ones you would have slipped into a vending machine later. You can still go out to dinner tonight, just drink water instead of Coke. Go see your movie, but get a popcorn or a candy instead of both. Say no when your kids each ask for a Kit Kat in the checkout line.

I truly believe with all of my heart that we can make a big difference this year. Not just for Shaun and Paige, but for someone else too. Can you spare two dollars tomorrow and donate them to our cause? Can you spread the word and encourage all of your Facebook friends or your co-workers to donate $2 tomorrow?

This is where I can’t help but feel hope and love and this big sense of olden-days community I’ve always loved and pictured. If I give two dollars, I can’t do a whole lot. If we give two and four of our friends give two, we have ten dollars and Shaun can use that to buy Paige a book. If 19 of our friends give another two dollars, she can get Paige a new pair of shoes this Christmas. If 199 people give another $2, she can do all of her Christmas shopping and make an extra payment on her vehicle or her student loans. And if people feel called to give more than two dollars? The possibilities are endless!

If you’re not in the position to give even two dollars today? We’ll be praying for you, and I would so very much love it if you could just pray for our cause. Please pray that it does well, and that we’re able to make a big difference for Shaun and Paige if not for others too.

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