Thursday, November 13, 2014


Snuggling on an afternoon walk a thousand years ago // reading The Princess Bride and enjoying my current favorite (not technically gluten free) treat: Dark chocolate mint M&Ms // Christmas crafting

Nursing is still a part of my life, but only barely… he is no longer asking for it at naptime or bedtime, but once every three-ish days he asks to nurse in the morning before breakfast. I am completely out of milk on one side and the other is sure to follow soon. I was worried about having more contractions after our little scare, but so far I really haven’t had any more than usual. The only thing I have noticed here lately is that I am STARVING on the mornings he nurses and eat a lot more breakfast.

Naps had been so easy for a little while there, but now it depends on the day. Some days we read two books and he is sleeping five minutes later. Other days he gets off the bed, plays with his socks, asks for more books, etc. I always fall asleep fairly easily during naptime but especially now that I’ve entered the third trimester. I’ve been keeping myself awake lately reading The Princess Bride, which I’ve wanted to read since I saw the movie as a kid! Bedtime has been just as much of a struggle and the past four nights he hasn't gone to sleep until 9:30 or 10pm! It's been really disappointing because a few nights Ryan and I had something planned together and it just didn't get to happen. We had been feeling really frustrated by this and wondering what in the heck we were doing differently. It's not like we gave him cookies before bed or riled him up or anything crazy. It turns out there is an 18-month sleep regression. Just knowing that he can't really help it and that he's frustrated by it too has suddenly turned the whole situation around for us and now we're a lot more patient about it and willing to help him out however we can.

Nostalgia for the days of always holding/carrying my baby is definitely occupying my thoughts here lately. He rarely lets us carry him without a fight anymore because he is BIG and he wants to WALK! Once upon a time, though, we were always touching! I held my baby in one arm while I stirred our dinner, wore him in a carrier while I did dishes, swayed with him to the music at church. Now I am careful when I’m stirring dinner because he’s probably doing this silly thing he does where he runs up and head-butts my legs. I am constantly stopping and re-starting my dish-washing because what was that noise? I stand still and hold Ryan’s hand at church while our little man dances beside us. There were definitely days it was all so difficult but it sure doesn’t feel that way now! Such a strange thought.
And another strange thought: I’ve now been pregnant and/or nursing for over two years… and considering that I’ve got a few months to go before this little one arrives and starts nursing, this is just the halfway point for me. it most definitely makes me wonder what life will be like when we are past this point and know we will no longer be carrying our little ones around. Bittersweet, I guess, like everything in parenting. On the one hand we’ll be sad to see that stage go, but it’ll also be so neat to watch everything that lies ahead.

Other things I’ve been up to lately: online window shopping via ThredUp since I sent for a cleanout bag and am going to enjoy spending a little credit soon, working simultaneously on some Christmas crafting and some secret crafting to be shared after Christmas, thinking of “practical” stocking stuffers for our little sweetie (like Veggie Tales, his favorite Larabars, cute socks, a small sketchpad for coloring in), and craving pickles, all things spicy, and steamed broccoli with cheese… but not all together ;]

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