Tuesday, November 4, 2014



My 26 week baby bump and a glimpse at our recent weather // snow! // recently finished reading Jesus > Religion and really liked it, currently testing out my free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited and starting it out with The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder since it’s set in Minnesota // family pumpkin spice frappe date (mine and the little guy’s are of course coffee-free… also, he gets insanely excited and drinks three sips before discarding it each time) // been doing lots of loom knitting here lately and am currently working on a solid black infinity scarf for myself based on this design!

A few crafting links: I won’t be making it since I already have and love a Moby wrap, but here’s a tutorial for a DIY baby wrap! Also fun: this booster seat cover tutorial, and a modern quilt round-up… the face and the cat are so crazy to me!

Another great guest post from Money Saving Mom, five ways to live well on one income. A lot of great tips in the comments too!

We were planning to skip Operation Christmas Child for the first time this year and instead focus our finances on our single mother cause (donate here!) and the child we sponsor through Compassion… but then our little guy grabbed a shoe box at church Sunday and we couldn’t say no. You can use any shoe box, or even those clear plastic tubs from the dollar store, and fill one of your own up to help out a child this Christmas for very little money!

It honestly hasn’t been that big a deal thus far, but here are a few tips I’ve read about for surviving bed rest.

Have you heard of the tiny house movement? We’re not fully onboard with a <200 square foot house for our family but we are definitely interested in something around 600 square feet. We watched this documentary on tiny houses recently and found it all so interesting!

A few links for pregnant women: my sweet friend’s cute bump pictures make me miss our hometown, thoughts on America’s postpartum practices being too rough on new mothers, and the cutest, sweetest heart-print, nursing-friendly maternity dress via Old Navy! Sadly, $20 is about $10-$15 more than I ever allow myself to spend on a non-necessity item, especially when it comes to maternity, so I’ll just be scouring ThredUp for the next few years in hopes that it someday shows up!

We send out a nice photo card for Christmas each year and people are always asking us about them. This year we’ll be using Shutterfly, whom we have used and loved in the past. If you’re interested, you can use this link to get ten free cards of your own this year!

A few Etsy items catching my eye lately: some dolls similar to the kind I’d like to make for a daughter, some super cute Star Wars pillow cases, a candle I think I would love and a maternity/babywearing coat I’ve been wanting since my first pregnancy but am too cheap to invest in.

I hope you are all having a lovely week so far! It’s been very chilly where we live and we just love it!

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  1. As a candle lover, I was very intrigued as to what new candle I'd find behind that link. What a surprise that you included mine in your list! Thanks so much! :)

    1. Aw, of course! I am a cheap-o but I do think I'd like to get it eventually! I just love candles, even if they're now reserved only for a warm bath after the baby's bedtime!