Saturday, November 8, 2014

Love Stories 1

We Fit

My husband is truly the other half of my soul
We fit like a comfy pair of slippers
Just like those slippers though, our relationship had to be broken in
When you first put on a new pair of slippers, they may not be exactly perfect
They may feel tight and constricting and might even rub a blister or two
You don’t give up on those slippers though, instead, you mold those slippers to your foot
You steadily work through the little inconveniences of breaking them in
Because somehow you know they were made just for you
Somehow you know the imperfections are really just blessings in disguise
You realize over the years the imperfections have made you into a better person
Those imperfections have taught you to love without judging
You learned to draw warmth and protection from them
You learned how to give protection, taking care of them so they will last a lifetime
You learned to laugh at the adorable little imperfections and embrace them
You prefer to wear those comfy slippers over anything else you own
They fit

Cindy and Travis Knoll
Happily married for 26 years & looking forward to another 26 years
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