Sunday, November 30, 2014

Love Stories 2

Believing Truth

Back when my husband and I first met, he truly swept me off my feet.  A million times over.  He would always tell me how beautiful I was and how in love with me he was.  He would comment on how no sunset in all the earth could compare to my beauty.  Picture perfect romance.  There was only one problem.  And that problem was me and my thoughts.  I didn't believe a word of it, nor did I accept it.  I actually rejected those compliments and tried to make a case against them, telling him and myself all the reasons why I was not beautiful or valuable or lovable.  I had a very low opinion of myself then.  So low that I could have sworn he was making up all this mumbo jumbo.  After continually rejecting his opinion of me verbally, I eventually graduated to being silent and shrugging it off, allowing him to live in la-la land by himself.

Fast forward eight or so years.  We have been married seven years, and he still tells me how beautiful I am almost daily.  But something recently changed.  It was like a light switch turned on inside me.  When he tells me that I'm beautiful I no longer reject it, even to myself.  When he asks, "Do you know that?", I confidently say, "Yeah," and with a smile even.  You see, the power of words is incredible.  I truly feel beautiful.  I mean, sure, I have bad hair days and I generally wish that there was a quick fix for my 'ol muffin top that doesn't involve working out and saying no to cookies.  But on a regular basis, I feel beautiful.  I feel secure about my appearance.  I am no longer ashamed of who I am and how I look on the outside (muffin top and all ;)

This whole testimony got me thinking about what God's opinion of me is.  What His word says about who I am, regardless of how I feel about myself or what someone else said about me.  The husband-wife relationship is an earthly picture of our relationship with Jesus.  And Jesus never sleeps when it comes to romancing our hearts.  He is ever constant in His love for me and for you.

So what about you Beloved?  What truth about yourself are you rejecting today?  You are beautiful and good.  God said so Himself on that last day of creation.  Do you know that?  I challenge you to find out what His word says about you.  In time, you can start to believe it too.


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