Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Naptime Crafting

Naptime has been the saddest, roughest part of my life these past few days.

As soon as we get up the stairs he starts to really act up… whining, throwing mini fits, refusing to listen, intentionally doing things he already knows he isn’t supposed to do, etc. He finally settles down and picks out naptime books, but then he starts crying as we’re reading them.

Each time, I’m just about to cry myself and say that he doesn’t have to take a nap if he doesn’t want to, then he starts to rub his eyes and yawn while sobbing. So awful! I’ve tried putting him down earlier, reading and playing quietly before we go upstairs, singing, whispering, everything. Sleep is just so hard with little ones!!!

Any ways, I feel really terrible for him and my heart is just breaking every time we do this so I hope it ends soon… but in the meantime, I am so thankful for a little creative outlet to release with once he does fall asleep!

Over the past few weeks I’ve finished a baby girl quilt for one of the babies, a blue loom-knit hat for one of the babies, a photo sign I started for my grandparents over a year ago, and a loom-knit infinity scarf for myself.


The quilt was small so relatively quick to put together. I got the minky quilt backing at Gruber’s Quilt Shop in St. Cloud, MN. The flannel fat quarter set and the satin blanket binding both came from Walmart. It came with a fifth fat quarter but I decided to set it aside for a “matching” baby doll I will eventually make. I just tied it together using embroidery floss at every other corner. I had never really used any kind of binding before and it definitely shows, but I’m learning and I’m improving every time so I guess that’s the important part!

The baby hat’s yarn is old and from a yarn store in Prescott, AZ. It’s a simple rolled brim hat, which I learned to do several years ago using I Can’t Believe I’m Loom Knitting.

The wooden sign is from Walmart and its vinyl is from The Quilted Bear in Ogden, Utah. I honestly don’t remember where the twine or mini clothespins are from.

The infinity scarf’s yarn is old and from a yarn store in Casper, Wyoming. I simply used an infant-hat sized loom and knit myself a nice long tube, then I “sewed” the ends together when I was finished. Ideally I would have wanted it to be much longer, just a nice normal-length infinity scarf, but I didn’t want to buy yarn for this project and was just using leftovers in my stash.  I’m also working on a white one when we watch movies or during other downtime like that, so it’s very slow-going but is coming along. I’m using stash yarn for that one as well, but I have a lot more so I think it’ll end up being a lot longer.

I thought it was pretty neat to see where so many of these supplies came from!

I have always been a big fan of walking around the streets of a new downtown area when we travel, but lately I’ve been really drawn to them. There is often a yarn store, a quilting store, and/or a creative collaborative store filled with other people’s crafts. I like to try to find at least one when I can help it, and I think it might be really neat to start making that a bit of a souvenir. A hat made with yarn found in Seattle, a few quilt patches from a West Virginia store and a few from a Michigan store, toddler pajamas made from Arkansas fabric… pretty cool thought!

I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that only the girl babies will be getting hand-sewn items. Aside from baby blankets, there isn’t much that I feel confident with in the boy department right now. Pillowcase dresses and onesie dresses are within my skill-level but little boy clothes seem to be a lot more detailed or a lot more difficult than I’m ready to tackle yet. Some of the dresses claim to take half an hour or less to complete too! I do want to make some toddler pajamas soon (or at least pajama pants) so if I can get those down well I’ll start making mini versions for the baby boys. In the meantime though, dresses it is!

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