Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Recent Randoms


We recently purchased my all-time favorite game, The Game of Life, and played it on an at-home date night. While enjoying Glutino’s answer to the Oreo, of course.

Reading outside with my little guy is definitely one of my top ten happiest life moments. We snuggle up on a blanket and he leans his head against me. We listen to the words and the birds and the rustling of trees. Life is just so beautiful in those moments and it’s always a little sad to break the moment. I sometimes wish every moment in life could be all about smelling the roses, but I guess someone would argue that roses only smell good because sometimes you get stuck behind a garbage truck when you’re already running late. Touché.

Nesting like mad over here! The going-home pajamas have been picked and laundered, ready to be packed in the diaper bag!

Don’t mind me, just hanging out in a sweater dress with zero nursing access! This little guy is officially done nursing and it’s a weird feeling. Although I’m of course “sad” in that nostalgic way I am practically famous for, I’m honestly pretty happy to be done with it! It wasn’t causing any contractions but it was starting to really hurt and the last 5-10 times were so uncomfortable that I ended the session before he was ready. I’m glad to have a break from it before heading back to that constantly-nursing phase of life. I wanted to nurse for the full recommended two years, but I also knew it was very likely that it wouldn’t work out with pregnancy so was just hoping for 18 months. We made it to 19 months which is good enough for me!

I like to have a fiction and a non-fiction going at the same time. I’m almost done with Bumpology (love it so far!) and just started The Last Anniversary so I snatched up these library books for the next three weeks. I meant to only get one but I couldn’t decide. One motherhood book, one travel book, one motherhoodtravel book. Perfect. (If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name; Bringing Up Bebe; You’ll Lost the Baby Weight and Other Lies About Pregnancy and Childbirth)

Naps are basically back to normal now (he falls asleep within 10-15 minutes but summersaults all over the bed first) so I’m getting more naptime crafting in again. I’m working on a present for one of the 2015 babies, a sweet little doll. I keep taking it apart and starting over because it’s so hard for me to actually create what I’m picturing in my mind! I’m gathering inspiration from these books (Growing Up Sew Liberated, Sock Doll Workshop and Storybook Toys) and lots of Pinterest pins in hopes of figuring out how to make what I want!

This was taken earlier today. This is the third time it’s happened this month. The baby smashes itself up against my spine so hard that my belly almost totally disappears. It hurts so bad! All I can do is sit/stand still and cry while I vigorously rub my poor lower back and wait for it to be over. It’s hard to tell an exact time in the moment, but I think it lasts somewhere from 30 seconds to seven hours.

Starting my freezer cooking! It’s a little earlier than I’d planned, but I decided that’s a good thing. So far I’ve made our favorite sausage & pepper meal, tater tot casserole (not what you’re thinking of, Duggars fans… this one has veggies in it), chili and blueberry muffins. My goal is to focus on making at least one meal per week, though preferably two-three, until the baby gets here. Also, the pizza… one is for our Thanksgiving dinner! Neither of us is a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving foods so when Ryan suggested pizza you’d better believe I jumped on that.

Just the tiniest smidge of nostalgia for you and then I’ll stop… on this day in 2011, we finalized the purchase that upgraded our Winnebago Brave to our 1998 Damon Challenger. While living in it (first in Arizona, then in Wyoming and Utah) and saving money we were able to see Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Texas and Idaho. Even though we still love traveling and we still make sure it happens with babies in tow, I don’t know if anything will ever beat those whirlwind months as two. I sometimes crave a long drive. Holding Ryan’s hand while we sing along to the radio and talk about anything and everything for hours on end will never get old. We love this stage and we’re excited for the many baby/child stages up ahead… but we’re also excited for our golden years someday, when we’ll fly to New York and drive a little sports car down the East Coast, or when we’ll take a bus tour and let someone else do the driving while we focus on the holding-hands-and-talking part. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m really, really thankful for my little man and my baby-to-be, and most especially for the best friend who gave them to me and who I get to raise them with.

Also, there are just a few days left to donate to our Christmas cause for this year as we’ll be sending Shaun her money December 1st. Please consider donating, even if it’s just $1! We are so appreciative of all the donations and prayers we’ve received so far. I’ve talked to Shaun a few times and she is also extremely grateful and is excited to write up a little guest post after the fact to let you all know where your generous donations made a difference. =]

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