Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tot Travels

Tot Travels

Our little trek to Spokane, Washington (the locals pronounce it "Spoke-ann") crossed state number 15 off the list for Ryan and me, state nine for the toddler.


The first thing we did there was walk/hike around Riverside State park. It was my favorite kind of day, cloudy and chilly. Ryan and I always joke that we belong somewhere in Washington because we always love cloudy days cool enough to require a sweatshirt.


Sweatshirt weather is to us what a warm, sunny day is to most. This little trip did not disappoint. The sunny patches in the day lasted 20-30 minutes!


One of the days of our trip was spent at a Harvest Festival in Mead, Washington. It was about a 30-minute drive and it was so perfect!



Downtown Spokane... a fancy downtown, or at least fancy to the likes of me! We had fun walking around and enjoyed a delicious lunch at PF Chang's.


This used to be our absolute favorite restaurant. We like to try new, local places when we travel... but a pregnancy craving brought PF Chang's back out of the woodwork!
We also ate food we'd brought from home and food purchased at the awesome natural market Huckleberry's. They had a deli area so we got some food there for one meal, a yummy sandwich for Ryan and the most delicious eggplant parmesan for the muchkin and me.


Something else we did, which I forgot to document, was to walk around at The White Elephant... my dad's dream store. It's one store with two sections. On the left side of the store is hunting, camping, fishing, tools, MAN STUFF. On the right side? Kids' toys. Puzzles, dolls, stuffed animals, balls, every toy under the sun. If I had grown up in Spokane I just know my dad would have taken my brother and I to the White Elephant every weekend where he'd have opened the door and said "Be good. I'll come check on you later."
Pretty clever, right? I took the baby to go look at toys while Ryan admired the MAN STUFF so I guess it works!


  1. Glutenbusters sounds like my favorite place ever...a gluten free bakery and a place to pick up raw milk?! Heaven.

    I totally thought I was going to cry when we got PF Changs, it was just SO amazingly good for my pregnant belly! If they had been open for breakfast, we would have gone before leaving town haha

    Huckleberry's sounds awesome as well!

    Love all the pictures, looks like a great time. :)

    1. I thought you might like that! Now if only there were a reason for you to go to Spokane!
      I want PF C again now and it's 7am!

  2. I love Fall festivals! Also, our PF Chang's definitely doesn't have PINK horses outside! That's awesome!

  3. I thought it was really cool and took the picture thinking it was something unique to Spokane, but it turns out it was just for breast cancer awareness and a lot of them do that in October!