Sunday, December 28, 2014

Freezer Cooking Update

We are now 40 days from our estimated due date, though Ryan and I both feel like this little sweetie is going to make her debut before then.

I've been finding myself more and more tired as this pregnancy progresses, but I'm still finding time to freezer cook as I can.
I had a few giant freezer cooking sessions during my first pregnancy. This time around, my approach has been to instead just cook a huge version of at least one meal each week and freeze half of it. I also make one burger patty any time I'm cooking with ground beef.

-turkey chili x2
-tater tot casserole
-taco meat mixed with Spanish rice
-sausage & peppers
-cornbread muffins
-banana bread
-blueberry muffins
-vegetable beef stew
-cheddar broccoli soup
-"just add eggs" breakfast packs x5 (can be thrown into an egg scramble, omelets, quiche, etc)

I also have a dessert bag containing three pumpkin cupcakes, three sugar cookies, and a few small squares of crockpot fudge.

The soups are mostly for the little guy and I to eat at lunchtime. Ryan will have leftovers or a sandwich since he's not a huge soup fan and soup is my favorite.
When I got started, my main concern was making sure that we had plenty of veggies in each meal. The burgers are just plain and simple little patties, but every other meal has at least three vegetables in it so I'm pretty happy about that. Most of these meals are a little too meat-heavy for my tastes but they'll do!

-freezer-friendly stuffed mushrooms (I'll use my own recipe but follow these freezer-friendly directions)
-More muffins
-More banana bread
-Potato soup
-"baked" ziti (unbaked, but ready to be baked)
-shepherd's pie
-mini calzones (and breakfast "hot pockets") using a GF pizza dough mix
-sausage & veggie soup

It's highly unlikely that I'll get much, if any, of the above list made over the next few weeks... but I keep my list handy any ways so I can grab the items I need for something if I find wiggle room in our grocery budget.

We also got a few restaurant gift cards at Christmas we'll save (the first time around, Ryan would just have me call something in a few minutes before he got off work and then he'd pick it up on his way home... worked great so we plan to do that again) and we'll throw a few of our favorite frozen pizzas into the mix sometimes too.


  1. For the meat heavy meals, have some frozen veggies on hand to warm up as a side! I've been keeping an eye out on the organic frozen veggies because they sometimes have them on sale for less than $2 a bag.

    1. I pureed carrots and froze them the other day for carrot soufflee too :)

  2. How about tamales, enchiladas, tuna noodle casserole!

  3. I loved eating soup right after Arlo was born! I was so sore and miserable (as I'm sure you know!) that everything sounded too "heavy" and soup was my go-to! YAY Freezer meals!

    1. I'm a big soup person as it is but yes, i completely agree! I also made potato soup the other dsy and I'm making albondigas this afternoon :)