Thursday, December 11, 2014


The stockings were hung by the garbage can with care // infinity scarf // cloth diaper wipes // teeny tiny newborn head
It’s strange how quickly and easily nursing has fallen out of my day. I think a lot of it has to do with both letting the baby wean himself, making it all more gradual, and being pregnant and therefor having a thinning milk supply before it was over any ways. He has been sick and actually asked for milk a few mornings ago, but I of course don’t have any. I’ve been gathering up my long-forgotten supplies again though because I know I’ll need them with the new baby! I’ve already packed the diaper bag with a nursing cover, cloth nursing pads, Lanolin (old favorites) and a new-to-me product I’m excited to try, this cream by Earth Mama Angel Baby

Naps are going about the same as before. He does fight them some days, but most days he begrudgingly accepts that it’s time and happily picks out a few books to enjoy.
I’m actually feeling surprisingly energetic for the third trimester. I did nap with him early this week because I was sick and exhausted, but most days I am still enjoying a little time just for me while it’s still an option.  Most of November was spent finishing up our Christmas stockings (Ryan’s plaid elk and black cotton are both from JoAnn, my polka dot and gingerbread fabrics are from the clearance bin at Walmart, and the little guy’s moose fabric is from the Internet and red swirls are leftover from my stash. Pattern was a free printout from my local craft store). I also finished my white infinity scarf (yarn is old and from stash, loom knit a simple tub scarf and connected it at the ends) and don’t really like it… but it’ll do for now because I’m not willing to pay more than $3 for another one! We haven’t invested in the tiny gDiaper kit we “need” yet, but I figured I could at least up my stash of cloth wipes and used some flannel scraps from my stash to throw a few together the other day.

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of nostalgia over the tiny newborn days. I got out the hats I had loom knit during my first pregnancy and washed them recently. I had one hanging on a doorknob downstairs to air-dry and the little guy grabbed it in confusion when Ryan told him to get his hat before we left to play at the park. He of course couldn’t get it onto his head and it was so strange to see since it was once a little big on him. I always hear that all of parenting goes by quickly, and I’m sure that’s true, but I can’t imagine any part of it speeding by quite as quickly as these first two years. Not just the physical changes, but even the developmental changes. One year ago, our kid couldn’t walk yet. He was very new to sign language but generally had no way of communicating with us. Now? He’s running around, climbing on everything, and getting better and better at talking.


Other things I’ve been up to lately:
Hitting the 31st week… don’t know when that could possibly have happened! (I was a little disappointed when I finally heard back about my Clean Out credit via ThredUp (online thrift store… use this referral link for a $10 credit)… but then I got this dress [which has pockets!] for “free” from it. It’s tied with my other favorite used maternity dress so I guess all is well) //watching More Business of Being Born which is the awesome follow-up to this pregnancy/birth documentary // Reading and enjoying Bringing Up Bebe, which is by an American mother who made all kinds of interesting observations while raising her baby in France. // craving cereal (specifically peanut butter & chocolate Leapin’ Lemurs) and fruit & cheese platters (specifically grapes + pear and apple slices with colby jack)// enjoying the smell of crisp, cold air on our daily stroller walks (That horse had curly hair! I didn’t even know horses could have curly hair!) // adding zuppa to my freezer cooking stash.

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  1. I was thinking of doing cloth wipes at home! I may not be able to manage cloth diapers, but maybe wipes. At least for pee diapers...I just can't imagine using wipes every time, and I really hate the smell of them for some reason!

    The story of the little guy and the hat is too cute! I can totally imagine his confusion! haha

    1. That would definitely save you a little bit of money! They're so quick and easy to make, but you can find them online for pretty cheap sometimes too.
      I agree though, even the unscented "natural" ones always smell so weird!

      It was so cute! He had this look on his face like, "What's going on here?!"