Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lots o Links

We made some pretty tasty gluten free sugar cookies using this pre-made dough recently. I thought he was probably still a year too young to enjoy it but he LOVED picking out which cookie cutter to use each time and squishing it into the dough. His favorite part was taste-testing them at the end though. ;]

This gorgeous blog post makes me want to vacation to a snowy Ohio. She’s obviously pretty good. Also travel-related: surreal places in America you need to visit before you die.

Crafty links: I love the idea of this “disappearing nine patch quilt pattern” and definitely plan to try it out for another project I have in mind. I recently wrote a guest post for Money Saving Mom with a few frugal crafting tips in it (check out the comments for even more) and I just love this sweet top which looks decently easy to make.

This year we followed the four gift rule for our little guy, but we replaced his “need” with another toy. We got him something he’d want, not-need, wear + wear and read… and lots of fun/practical + frugal stocking stuffers like notecards for letter-writing, a coloring book, this movie, a new toothbrush, socks and a small wooden puzzle. I’ll pick up a few treats on my next grocery trip and then I’m officially DONE!

I’ve mentioned before how fun I think it is to make pregnancy care packages. Here are three blog posts sharing a few other ideas… one, two, three.

I didn’t end up keeping my hospital packing list the first time around. I found this one online the other day which is, as far as I can remember, exactly what I recommend and will be using myself.

My salad dressing of choice is usually ranch, although I do love a good Italian dressing sometimes too. I try not to overdo it in the ranch department though and I think I’ll try out this honey-garlic salad dressing soon.

Even though I love being a wife and a mom more than anything in the world, I of course have days where I’m a little off and I just need a mood-boost. I like these tips on being a happy and productive stay-at-home mom.

For my soon-to-be mama friends… these are the diapers we use when we use disposables, these are Ryan’s favorite kind of cloth diaper (we do occasionally use the disposable inserts too but definitely prefer the cloth), this is my all-time favorite motherhood book (at least so far), this children’s book sums up my sappy parenting feelings perfectly, and this teething necklace was one of my favorite accessories from very early on. (Not only for teething, but also because it gave him something to pull instead of the little baby hairs that were finally re-growing at the nape of my neck!)

Also, did you know Walmart makes maternity clothes? My mom got me a shirt there (her store actually carries them in person but I’ve never seen any in-store) and it’s held up just fine quality-wise. This dress looks similar to one I have and love from Target. The price is more than what I’m ever willing to pay any ways, but they had free shipping on all orders the other day and I was THISCLOSE to getting myself that pretty blue one to wear to Ryan's graduation. Luckily for our budget, they had already sold out in my size!

Links about giving back… this sweet lady is selling handmade aprons to help fund their adoption costs, and this sweet story is about a couple who met and got married thanks to his packing an Operation Christmas Child shoebox for her years and years ago!

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