Sunday, December 7, 2014

Snail Mail

You know what there isn’t enough of in this world? Snail Mail.

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it’s exciting to get a card or letter in the mail, but it’s especially exciting for my little guy.

Every Monday, we sit down at the table to write letters. He bounces up and down on his toes while I gather the crayons and our box of blank cards. I go down our little list of “pen pals” and tell him who we’re writing to today. He picks out a card for them and then he gets very serious about writing them a letter.

I address the envelope and he applies the stamp, then we walk to the mailbox together so he can put it in the outgoing slot. Sometimes the neighbor’s cat is hanging around over there and he shouts “Mow, mow mow!” before running up ahead to pet his buddy.

I lift him up so he can put the letter in the slot all by himself, then I open up the box and he stands on tiptoes to see inside himself. Most days, we just have bills and junk. He looks at me questioningly and I say, “Not today” and he shuffles slowly back to our day. Other days there is a card inside just for him and he rushes back inside (after saying goodbye to his feline friend) so he can read his card.
He hoards his cards the way I hoard my love notes from Ryan. He likes to keep them in his book box in the living room so he can pull them out and look at them any time he wants to. He brings them to us to read and re-read to him and then basks in the sweetest little glow over them.

We’ve decided to send more snail mail in 2015. Not only because it makes us happy to drop someone a line, but because we already know without a doubt that it can really make a person’s day to open up the mailbox and find a sweet note inside.

Sometimes we’ll just drop someone a line to let them know we’re praying for them through a hard time or that we’re happy for them when they’ve achieved something great. Sometimes we’ll tuck a quick note into a small care package and sometimes we’ll tuck a small treat into an envelope with a letter inside. Whatever we send, we’ll send something at least once a week to someone we love.

I’d like to encourage you to jump on our little bandwagon and think about sending more snail mail in 2015 too!


  1. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for giving us your blog! Dale and I have had a lot of fun seeing what you are up to these days. You have a beautiful little family and we're very excited to hear all about little Baby Bell 2 when he or she is born!
    I know I'm old but we always wrote letters when I was growing up. I miss it! E-mails are just not the same! I hope you do send lots of snail mail this year and I hope people write back, at least to your little guy!

    We miss getting to see you at church but we know you are enjoying your new town!

    Cathy and Dale

  2. My eyes definitely lit up when I saw my Christmas card yesterday, and they did again when I saw it on my fridge this morning! I definitely need to send more snail mail, it really is way more fun for everyone involved.