Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Keeping Busy

38 weeks! This is the last week I got to take a belly picture the first time around so I’m very curious to see if we make it to a 39th week picture this time.

We’re in that weird place where every day just drags on. I remember this from the first time around, though I don’t think it was quite so profound the first time. This pregnancy just rushed by and then all the sudden slowed waaaaay down.

I keep telling myself I’m just not going to think about it and that I’m just going to accept that she won’t be here until February. Then I have another round of contractions, or wake up in the night with terrible cramping, and can’t help but think “Is this it this time?!”

It isn’t, so I go back to trying to keep my mind off it. I change diapers and do the dishes and sweep the kitchen for the umpteenth time, get everything out to clean the baseboards and then put it away since hunching down to clean them thoroughly sounds miserable, wash and put away laundry, check the time and nearly choke. Never in my life have I wanted less free time. (Careful what you wish for, I know!)

So I’m just doing my best for now to keep busy.


I made another reversible dress. Eh. I added pockets in the reverse print and really like the way that turned out. I tried to experiment using a darker contrasting thread, though, and I really don’t like that. I think it looks tacky, especially on the pockets. I’m still debating whether or not I want to seem-rip and re-stitch or sew rick-rack or something over it, as someone on Instagram suggested. I’ll probably seem-rip though.

Polka dot fabric is from some thrift store fat quarters. Purple floral fabric is from fat quarters I got using a JoAnn gift card last week.


We’ve been building block towers to knock over and rolling our trains all around the kitchen floor, reading lots of books for our library’s winter reading program, playing pretend with stuffed animals (even more adorable than I imagined, especially when Ryan plays with us!), having family dance parties in the kitchen, watching Veggie Tales with Daddy while Mama makes dinner.


We’re diligently sending out snail mail and taking our time to walk over to the mailbox and check for letters of our own.


I can’t seem to handle solid foods these days so I’m all about soups and smoothies. I made myself a big batch of zuppa to eat for lunches and the other day I even got to enjoy a rare solo lunch date with a bowl of soup and a good book. If you like Jodi Picoult and/or Kristin Hannah, I highly recommend Diane Chamberlain’s books. I’ve read and really liked a few of them. I’m not quite halfway done with this one yet but it’s really sucked me in and I’m spending a lot of nap time reading it these days.

On that note, naps. Sheesh.
They had been going so great and now all the sudden he’s getting bigger and older and it’s all changing again. I was putting him down after lunch but he just lays there fidgeting and talking for HOURS if I do that now. 2:30 or 3pm seems to be the magic time now, but he’s taking forever to fall asleep again.

Nap time is starting to give me so much anxiety when I try to imagine how in the world I’ll make it work with two under two!


Stroller walks galore. Mostly just to the Walgreens nearby where we walk the aisles over and over again so I can keep my poor back/hips from getting angry with me but the little guy stays warm.

Once the kiddo is sleeping, we watch an episode or two of White Collar and I do a little knitting on that baby sweater or mess around on my Kindle. We fall asleep and then I wake up and repeat.

I’m so tired of being in pain and feeling exhausted that it gets hard to stay positive some days. When I look at the big picture I feel silly and spoiled for having that attitude because really, what a great life. I have a wonderful husband and a sweet little boy, this baby and I are both healthy, and look at all the fun stuff I’ve been up to! I keep trying to shift my perspective but some days I feel like I won’t be positive again until she gets here =/

Right now I’m doing a lot of praying for peace and patience… so if you pray, please consider praying for those things for me real quick!

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  1. Well I hope she comes soon, before 39 weeks!! It sounds like you are filling your days with good things at least, and don't just sit there being impatient. I'll definitely pray for patience and peace, and a
    relatively soon and easy birth!

    1. Thank you!! Especially for the easy birth!! :)