Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Links and Such!

I’ve mentioned before that we sponsor a child through Compassion. He lives in Uganda and we often speculate on what life might be like for him. We got an e-mail from Compassion recently with this video sharing what life is like for many kids in Uganda, so powerful!

Food links… first of all, I always get a Butterscotch Square and a Bordeaux milk chocolate when we go to a mall with a See’s Candy because I know those are gluten free and I looooove them. They’re still my two all-time favorites, and I still recommend you just get a box of those two, but I found out recently that almost all See’s candies are GF! I made and loved this smoothie using almond milk pudding the other day… and my favorite healthy food blogger is offering a free e-mail course to help you cut out processed food in 14 weeks.

Have you seen Call the Midwife? I haven’t, but I’m reading the book right now and am so incredibly interested in the show! It’s based on true stories of midwifery in the 1950s… and considering that I love all things pregnancy (except for the actual act of being pregnant during the ninth month, the worst) and most things 1950s, it’s at the top of our NetFlix queue for my next turn!
Crafty links: the YouTube video that finally taught me how to chain cast-on when loom knitting, the monochromatic scrappy quilt that inspired a current gift project.

Two great blog posts on freezer cooking before baby comes here and here.

I recently found out about a great website which buys back your gift cards at a slightly reduced price. This could be really useful if you got a gift card you couldn’t use, like for a restaurant you don’t actually have in your town or something. (We save those for when we’re traveling, so that’s always an option too!)

We’re slowly making our way through our Amazon baby list as I get Swagbucks gift cards. A few days ago we finally got in our sweet newborn gDiaper kit, which has been freshly laundered, and I can’t believe how tiny and precious those little diapers are! We mostly use cloth, but the kiddo does use disposable size fours sometimes. Jeez, a four is somehow SO MUCH BIGGER than those tiny newborn diapers!

I’m a big fan of Etsy since most shops on there are small businesses… parents, families, wives making an honest living doing what they love. Things I’m loving on Etsy right now: baby girl headbands, this cute print from Jessica’s shop (use the code SKB20 for 20% off anything during January!), this precious motherhood necklace! I originally typed up that I’ve been wanting a motherhood necklace for years but then I realized that it’s only possible for me to have been wanting one for 20 months.

Last but not least, please take a minute or two to take my super short and anonymous survey to help me out with book research and please consider submitting a positive “love story” guest post… it can be anything you want! A poem, a proposal story, a wish for the future, a story about overcoming an obstacle together.


  1. We're pretty good about not eating processed food, but I'm going to check out that link just in case we've missed something! Thanks so much for the link again! :)

    1. I signed up too, even though i know we'll be eating a bit more processed food when the baby comes!