Monday, January 12, 2015

Nap-ish-time Crafting

Disclaimer: Round ligament pain, sciatica, and minor contractions have me up and starting my day by 3 or 4am every few mornings. Since a warm bath and most of my cleaning projects are a bit too loud so early in the morning, a lot of crafting happens between 3 and 7am these days. Although a lot of this was done during naps, probably a lot more was done in the early morning hours.

First, the finished version of the swaddle doll I shared before. Details on it can be found here. Flannel is from a set I got at Walmart a while back, hat is loom knit from yarn in my great grandmother’s stash!

Next, another reversible dress from this tutorial. I really love these sweet (and fast & easy!) dresses. I don't have any snaps on-hand and am still very intimidated by button holes so this time around I just made the straps the same length so they could be tied at the shoulders instead. I got that idea from a dress in this book and I love the idea that she can wear it for a long time, eventually just as a little tunic.The polka dot fabric was from a thrift store. There were two identical fat quarter bundles for a dollar each, and each one had five different polka dot prints in green, blue, yellow, orange and purple! The blue batik fabric is old and from my stash.

Last, two very simple drawstring bags (I let the little guy pick a fat quarter from my stash for each of them, not honestly sure where either came from anymore but I think probably from the big bag of fat quarters I got at a thrift store last year) for the diaper bag. I just thought it'd be nice to keep each of the children's diapers and extra outfit separate in there so that if Ryan and I separate we can just pull out that bag, but also so that we don't have to try to dig around when we're in a pinch! =]

I actually started another version of the dress first, using a cute blue bandana print bought from Walmart's clearance bin and some red & white star print from a local place... but I cut it out during a 3am insomniac nesting session and I guess I was too tired for that project because I cut it out backwards! I of course didn't have enough fabric leftover to fix it so I'm going to make up my own pattern and piece the two fabrics together in as cute a way as I can manage... wish me luck!

Have you made anything fun lately?

Also, I'm still hoping to get a few more Love Stories before the baby comes. If you're at all interested in sharing a positive marriage poem or story, please e-mail it to me- with a short about-the-author and, if you'd like, up to three photos.
Here are a few prompts to consider: The moment I knew I would marry my spouse // My favorite character quality in my spouse // My favorite part of marriage


  1. I love the idea of the bags for the diaper bag for clothes and stuff! I have a couple of cute patterned drawstring bags that a couple sets of sheet came in from Target that would perfectly fit and outfit or two! Then as the rest of the bag gets messy with snacks or spilled milk, the clothes will at least be neat and folded in its own bag. Glad I have a use for the bags now, too!

    I keep meaning to write up a little love story thing, hopefully I can get it done soon!

    1. Yeah, they just seemed like a quick way to make things more convenient! Those bags are a great idea!! I've saved them for other things in the past too.
      Yay, i hope you have time for a story because I'd love one!