Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Naptime Quilting

Several months ago I decided to make a little stroller quilt for my cousin’s baby boy. I had trouble figuring out a good theme for it but eventually came across a monochromatic scrappy quilt and loved the way it looked. I thought I would do green, since I was going to be using green fleece as the backing, but I didn’t quite have enough green scrap fabric to make that work. Then I thought I’d do red but a lot of my red fabric was either girly or Christmasy… but when I added a little fabric that wasn’t in my scrap pile, I had just about the perfect amount for a blue scrap quilt!


I actually ended up really loving this project. With the first two quilts I made, the cutting was tedious and the tying was my favorite part. With this one, I loved cutting the scraps and arranging & rearranging them. The little guy was finally napping very well, in his own bed and within 5-15 minutes, when I started working on it… so I was usually still pretty energized when I snuck off to cut the 4x4 squares. Sewing them together was fun, and then it sat there for a few days before I finally tied it. Actually, her sister letting me know she was going to be induced the next morning was what motivated me to finally waddle back upstairs and tie it (while finally watching Call the Midwife, love it!)

In the end, it was “hard” to give away! I have seen/heard that from other quilters before and never really got it until now. This quilt is kind of a family piece!

The blue bandana print is prominent in a dress I’ve been working on for my baby girl. The forest animal prints are fabrics my great aunt sent to me when I started quilting, and the solid blue with forest animals is what I used in my little guy’s quilt. There are lots of dogs, since my cousin is a dog-lover, baby blue batik and a lone Hungry Caterpillar square from the library bags I made for my kiddo and our little cousin, books + Cat in the Hat + Berenstain Bears since she’s a book lover (as are most of the women in our family). I “needed” one more fabric in there so I bought the patriotic stars to remind her of our grandfather and her brother, both military men… but now I’m also using them in my baby girl’s dress too!

Maybe it will be a quilt that only gets grabbed a few times when their favorites are all spit-up on, but it makes me smile to picture him snuggled up in it while his mama reads him a story, and eventually picking out his favorite fabrics while he sits on it to eat Cheerios or watch his favorite TV show. I personally like the Cat in the Hat fabric best.

(Remember when I mentioned that this year is our snail mail revolution? From our first care package of 2015, a “New Baby Care Package” … the quilt, a hat I had loom knit months ago, a book the little guy picked for the baby, Mother’s Milk tea, a picture colored for the baby, and a quick-and-easy breakfast/snack for the new mama to keep wherever she nurses most. The little guy loved coloring the picture and had a blast coloring both sides of the flat-rate box too. I’ve found that using flat-rate boxes really is my cheapest option, whether I use a box or manila envelope, so I got a few of the smaller sizes last time I was at the post office since you don’t pay until you ship)

The patriotic stars were a Walmart fat quarter and the blue bandana print was from their clearance bin. Both forest animal prints were sent to me by our great aunt and the rest were either old from my stash, from a big bag of fat quarters I got at a thrift store, or are linked up above. The green fleece backing came was already in my stash but initially came from an Ogden, UT craft store. The red binding came from JoAnn.

I really enjoyed making this quilt. I worked on it almost exclusively during naptimes, save for a few of my 3am crafting sessions. I’ve also still been working on that gray baby sweater and sewing fleece tabs into the insides of our newborn and small gDiapers when we watch shows or movies at night.

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  1. I'm sure she'll cherish it for years to come.