Wednesday, February 11, 2015


All my dreams come true! Family story time before naps

It's very strange to be nursing so much again. So far, everything is going great. In fact, this little one has already reached her birth weight again! The toddler still hadn't reached his by his 2-week check-up so that was a huge surprise to us. I suppose a lot of it could be that this is a different baby and an older baby with great neck strength... but I imagine a lot of it is from me knowing more what I am doing. I am better at achieving a good latch now, and I also know that sometimes when she's acting like she wants to eat after she's just eaten... well, it's because she wants to eat! I was very uncomfortable the other day so Ryan checked on the electric breast pump prescription my midwife has written. Lo and behold, insurance covered one! It's a very nice one too, so I strongly suggest that you find out if your insurance covers even a portion of one! I am mostly just using Lanolin and some cloth nursing pads my mom got me the first time around after feedings. I have trouble staying awake during nighttime feeds so I'm doing a lot of reading in the early morning hours right now. All queued up on my Kindle at the moment are Quiet, The Body Book, The Liars' Club, and Panic.

Right now the baby naps pretty much any time she isn't nursing. She's got her nights and days relatively backwards still, but it does seem like we're inching toward understanding a little more each night. The toddler is trying hard to avoid his afternoon nap and is a living terror on the afternoons he's succeeded! Right now Ryan and I have a zero tolerance policy, even if that means one of us (Ryan, since I am busy nursing off-and-on) has to lie there with him for an hour and a half. He simply MUST sleep! I'm not sure how well that'll work once Ryan is back at work but hopefully we get the bugs out of the system before then! 

I definitely have a little bit of nostalgia about my little man's baby days now that I'm back in the habit of snuggling a tiny newborn and can't believe he was once exactly this tiny... but I will tell you what I do NOT have any nostalgia for: PREGNANCY. I said it last time and I'll say it this time: Postpartum healing, while not exactly fun, is SO MUCH BETTER than those last few weeks of pregnancy!! I do have to admit, though, that I am recovering far faster this time around. Ryan and I have both been shocked by how much better I seem to feel this time compared to last time.

Other things I've been up to lately: Getting lots of rest, snuggling both of my babies, marveling with Ryan over the fact that we are officially real grown-ups with two children, wishing our society was set up in a way that all this precious family time never had to end, watching The Hobbit with Ryan when we have a little time to ourselves, feeling stir crazy and plotting out Baby's First Adventure, anxiously awaiting word on Ryan's work schedule change so we can plan our parents' visits to meet our girl, getting a little cocky. 
Yes, cocky. I keep thinking to myself, I can't believe how smoothly this is going! But the thing is, the baby is always asleep or peacefully nursing and the toddler is always able to get his needs met by Ryan if I'm not available. I haven't had any big Baby Blues moment yet (although baby's pediatrician said it's not a guarantee so maybe just maybe we dodged that misery bullet this time?!) and Ryan is so supportive with naps and rest that I really only feel exhausted for the first few hours of the day. This is probably the calm before the storm, exhaustion-wise. I feel like the first week was my week to really recover the first time, and the second week was Baby's week to wake up and scream. I guess we'll find out! 

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