Monday, February 16, 2015

Links to Love

From our first real outing... Baby snuggled with mama while we got fresh air and Vitamin D. Toddler kicked through leaves wildly with Daddy. I feel like life would be 100% perfect if we could just spend  most of our time at the park without ever having to worry about bills or chores.
I really loved this blog post from Compassion on letter writing for your sponsored child. I always make sure to write to him at least once a month (though I am for twice) but I sometimes struggle with knowing what to write. I always love it when they share tips and ideas on their blog.

I recently found and fell in love with a new-to-me blog for her precious sewing projects… like this super cute baby/girl’s dress, a tutorial for making a fitted cloth diaper out of a pre-fold, this tutorial for a comfy skirt I’d say is postpartum-perfect.

I'm a big fan of pumpkin spice scents and flavors so this soy tart from Jessica's shop sounds delightful!

I'm currently reading and really enjoying a really great book about introverts. I have spent a lot of time feeling misunderstood by a lot of important people in my life and sometimes felt like maybe I just had some kind of weird problem until a few years ago. I still feel like that sometimes so it's been a really happy read for me.
Also, I've mentioned before that Ryan and I took personality tests in pre-marital counseling and in the social segment he scored 8 out of 100 and I scored 2 out of 100. I think this is that test, for those who have asked me in the past! They also have a parenting version I'm pretty interested in.

I love this idea for checking off each day on a calendar for a certain goal. I’d like to print one specifically for setting aside ten solitary minutes a day for each of my three favorite people!

A few of my favorite products for making breastfeeding easier: a good Boppy pillow, Lanolin or this Earth Mama Angel Baby cream, this book with every nursing problem/question you could ever think up, and my Kindle. (Reading a good book helps keep me awake during long early-morning nursing sessions but lets me keep the light off so I don’t get too awake or wake up my guys)

These great freezer lunchbox ideas could work for road trips or simple baby meals. And also, 12 Frugal Freezer Meals in One Hour.

I’m always inspired by the idea of road schooling. We plan to homeschool so we talk all the time about how neat it will be someday to learn about certain things and then go visit them for ourselves. That seems like a great way to really make a lesson stick, if you ask me!

We get NetFlix discs so rarely use RedBox, but sometimes it’s nice to have that option. Especially when you already know you’re going to be exhausted-but-nursing at night. There are always all kinds of free RedBox codes listed on this site, and I also highly recommend the site for any other online shopping you may do!

If you haven’t already done so, please take two minutes to answer a few quick questions for my book research here. The survey is completely anonymous and I am looking for females of all ages to answer a few questions about marriage/parenting, regardless of whether or not they are married/mothers! Please also consider sharing a positive love story... examples here!

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  1. We didn't have Boppy pillows when I was a young mom but I sure wish we did! There are a lot of things they make now that seem silly to me but that's one thing that really seems helpful!