Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love Stories 4

I was feeling lousy because I had worked all day. This was not a huge deal except it was Valentine's Day. I work in the restaurant business so that made it a pretty grueling workday. On top of that it was mine and my husband's first Valentine's Day as a married couple. I came home from work with the intention to make a nice dinner and play some board games. After all, my husband had worked twice as long and a million times as hard as I had. He deserved a relaxing evening. When I walked in the door he was on the couch resting his eyes. He heard me come in and asked me about my day. When I told him it hadn't been the best, he got this look on his face. His eyes lit up and he smiled more brightly than I have ever seen. He said, "Oh, I know what you need!" Then he told me to go run myself a bath while HE cooked dinner! I tried to convince him that it was silly. He should be the one chilling out but he insisted. So I went to the bathroom to start this bath and the water in the tub would not get hot! It just refused to be any more than fifty degrees. That is not ideal bath water temperature. I told my husband about the cold water and that I would simply forgo the bath and cook dinner like we planned. Again he got that great look on his face. This time he decided to take every pot we had, including the tea kettle, and fill them with water. Then he put them all on boil. He proceeded to fill the tub with hot water from these pots just for me. It took him quite a while to fill it. He had worked hard that day and he most likely had not eaten since his lunchtime some hours before. He should have been hungry, tired, cranky and ready for me to serve him. But not my husband. He has a servant's heart, a loving heart. This is now just one of the many times he has done this for me because our bath water is always cold. It is just one instance that showed me--a self-deprecating, hurt, untrusting woman--I am absolutely loved and cherished. My marriage is not perfect, but the God my husband and I love is.That is good enough for us.

Today's love story is brought to you by Sabrina Dees who just celebrated her first anniversary.
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