Sunday, February 8, 2015

Prepping Big Brother

I think children are very adaptable creatures. People have been adding a second child to their family since the beginning of mankind with no fuss. I mean, you know, with no fuss after that first sibling relationship.
Even still, something in me just wanted to prepare my little man as much as I could.

We checked out lots of library books, but his absolute favorite big brother read was one I had when I was little: Mercer Mayer’s The New Baby. We watched Arthur’s Baby and Big Brother Binky, and we pointed out babies when we saw them in the store. He would flip through The New Baby on his own a lot and point to the picture of the baby crying with a concerned look on his face.
We’d say “Oh, is the baby sad? How could we make her feel better? We could give her a hug and say ‘Shhh-shh-shh, it’s okay. Big Brother is here now.’”
He’d hug the air and say “Shhhhhh, bwuh-ter.”
The cutest, the sweetest, my heart!
My favorite thing, though, was the simple baby doll. We had a doll that belonged to Ryan when he was a baby and he just loved that thing to pieces. When I made a simple cloth doll for my friend’s baby, he was intrigued. Then I made one for our baby too and he just fell in love with it. He carried it around hugging it some days and other days he ignored for a little while but then picked it up to rock it and give it kisses. It was so precious! I finally decided I just had to make him one of his own so there wouldn’t be any jealousy there… and I figured our girl will be thrilled to have boy-girl twins once her big brother outgrows it.

The doll is the same kind of sock doll I made for the other two. He picked out the flannel bicycle fabric at Walmart and I loom knit the hat with yarn from my great grandmother’s stash. The embroidery is getting a little easier for me, I suppose, but I feel like it’ll never feel natural. I love the absolutely gorgeous face details on the dolls in this book and hope to be able to imitate them when I make a “big girl” doll someday, but at the moment I can’t imagine I’ll ever be that skilled! I skipped the eyelashes on this one to make it a little more masculine but I think a girl doll would look perfectly cute without any lashes too.

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  1. Homemade dolls are so fun! I'm excited to find some time once Devin is a bit older so that I can make some for her as an alternative to Barbies (or all those other new dolls that are so much worse than Barbies haha)/